Bunker Bay Bound

Before I left Native Animal Rescue, I met Lizzie Aravadis the lady who founded NAR thirty years ago. She looks, well, happy, like most people who work with animals do. Lizzie is the alchemist who keeps the complicated balance of donations, grant funding, council land lease support, partnership projects and over a hundred volunteers – spinning in the air like a regular circus act.

A three day trip to Bunker Bay Spa Resort at Cape Naturaliste came as a treat after my animal encounters were temporarily on pause. Relaxation is compulsory at this idyllic almost private beach with its white sand and picture perfect cove lapped by the turquoise Indian Ocean. Paradise postcard stuff.

Bunker Bay – not bad

Next day I went riding in the national park forest the horse whisperer way. This involves being very kind to your horse and making sure it is feeling relaxed and happy before you get on it or ask it to do anything. It also involves riding with only a bit of string around your steed’s nose and without any bit whatsoever. (the horsey among you will know that this is a big deal, the unhorsey will have to take my word for it) This was a bit (no pun intended) peculiar as I’m not sure I felt that I had much control over my four legged friend, you just had to concentrate on being at one with its Karma. Grey kangaroos hopped across the trail in front of us (which would guarantee a lot of horse commotion at home) and I survived the canter through the bush not entirely convinced that I had been ‘at one with your horse’ as it had promised in the leaflet. I think Jessie who was somewhat rotund from excessive grass consumption, was pretty much doing exactly as he pleased but in a more gentle, polite horse whispery sort of way than our more combative mounts tend do at home.

Lots and lots of wineries in Margaret river do wine tasting of indifferent wines at scary prices (they have a hefty ‘Wet Tax’ here) I bought some as I liked the design on the packaging, but for the wine snob,the champagne region of Epernay, it is not.
On the way back driving along the Kwinana highway we stopped off at the multi award winning ‘Bite Me’ Bakery at Pinjarra. Their melt In the mouth beef and pepper pie was the national winer of best pie in 2005 and an unexpected bonus to this Aussie outing.

Heading back into the city of Perth, which is the World HQ of the Ninja Society (google it if you don’t believe me)  it got hotter and hotter – it was 38 degrees and counting – oh my!

World HQ of the Ninja Society in Perth – yes really

Apparently this is the eighth heat wave since November – 40 degrees forecast for Sunday and everywhere is an EXTREME FIRE RISK.

No wonder Western australia has a smoking prevalence of only 12% – it’s just too dangerous…Hottest place on the planet