Dream Weddings in Sri Lanka – so long Ceylon

Wedding transport

One of the things you can do in Sri Lanka is get married on the beach at one of the lovely hotels along the South coast. We watched the preparations for one such event along with the rest of the all inclusive crowd sipping on their free cocktails around the pool. First take one large elephant. Then dress it in an eye catching ensemble. Throw in an escort of Kandyan Dancers, a flowered bower on the sands and someone playing a bugle (it sounded like the Last Post but it can’t have been) and the notary from the hotel will have you done and dusted in under an hour.

The happy couple

You may have to take the mother in law and a few bridesmaids but it will cost a lot less dosh than a sit down meal for 150 at a hotel in Wilmslow which you may have otherwise had to fork out for. The logic of doing this is easy to appreciate and more and more couples are taking this option apparently. Sri Lanka is an Island of great contrasts. Great natural wealth is cheek by jowl with great poverty and the scars of the recent civil war may not be as visible to the tourist as those of the 2004 Tsunami but they are still very much there.

Ceylon Sunset over the Indian Ocean

You will find fabulous gemstones, magnificent vulnerable wildlife, mountains (quite literally) of the best drink of the day i.e. TEA and the loveliest people you could wish to meet. Just remember if you want to catch the equatorial sunset you’ve got about five minutes as it goes down fast. I was fiddling with my camera trying to find the ‘sunset’ setting and got the black and white ‘panorama one’ by mistake so the sun was on it’s very last good night on our last day when I snapped it – so long Ceylon…

Black and White sunset