P p pick up a Pelican.

Day 3 ar NAR

A young joey was brought in by some folk today who claimed that they had just found it. It was very weak and dehydrated and had to be sent out with a foster carer so it could get some intensive care straight away. Kelli the vet nurse said that their story was a large fib as it was clear that they had had it awhile and didn’t know how to look after it. They only brought it in when it looked like it was on its very last kangaroo legs. Apparently people like to keep the Joeys cause they’re so cute, but they don’t really know how to care for them and it’s often not a good outcome.

An up and down down day for the parrots today. Two Galahs which are beautiful rose pink and grey cockatoos came in at different times. One was clearly an escaped pet as it kept saying ‘Gday’ to us – one was a wild one that had been hit by and car, broken its spine and sadly followed the no 28 from yesterday off to parrot heaven. The ones suspected of being pets can’t be released into the wild and their mugshots are put on the rogues gallery on the website for a while to see if their owners will claim them. If  they don’t, then they are re-homed after a while. Parrots do look kind of samey to me but apparently there have been instances of successfully reuniting pets with owners after they recognised a certain glint in a  beady eye and a short description of the bird’s behaviour.

The big wheel by night at Fremantle


I had to have a bit of a sit down at one point during chopping duties this afternoon when I nearly sliced my finger off while wrestling with a particularly woody beetroot which was destined for the Woylie’s dinner. There was a lot of blood which seemed to squirt out a lot more in the very hot climate and after refusing the offer of a few sutures from the vet nurse, I settled for the application of numerous plasters and a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Late afternoon saw a beautiful Australian Pelican arrive in bad way. I was tasked with bird management duties and I sort of draped myself over it to stop it struggling while Kelli tried to examine it. It looked like he had some kind of metal poisoning as his eyes were glassy and he was very floppy indeed. Kelli wrestled his enormous beak open and tried to flush out his system. Not sure if he’ll be there tomorrow.
Next a gorgeous Night Heron came in brought in by a Kiwi bloke who found it under the air-conditioning unit in an old people’s home. He had the most luminous green eyes and legs  (the Heron that is) and a fabulous fishing beak but he was thin and disorientated.

Then in came a Tawny frog mouth which is a kind of Nightjar and the most curious looking bird ever with a gigantic mouth and eyes and a not very big body. Could be straight out of the caucus race in Alice in Wonderland…The Possum needs a new tail

They were indeed a queer-looking party that assembled on the bank…