COVID-19 A testing time

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COVID-19 – April 2020

Due to this COVID carry on In the UK, we are in total lock down. We can’t see our friends or family (unless in the same house already) and the social media Coronavirus comedy posts, are wearing thin. I’ve tried the online exercise class, the online pub quiz, the online theatre show and the online seance. The online seance was weird.

Don’t get me wrong, the online community is great – except when it’s the ONLY community you’ve got. In the absence of real information about this virus or how it is going to behave, fake news is rife. Always check your sources.


This epidemic is different from predecessors due to the dominance of social media in today’s world.  One thing which stresses humans above all else is uncertainty. Even a terrible situation can be coped with and adjusted to, if you know exactly what’s going to happen. Otherwise we get anxious, we look for information about the threat and seek solutions. We are all trying to make sense of a confusing situation and if we can’t – maybe Face Book can!

Celebrities are getting worried

We are less interested now in what people are wearing – who has got a new film out (we can’t go to the cinema anyway) or who is dating who. It’s hard to keep breaking up with one glamorous partner if you are physically prevented from recruiting their replacement. No one is going to Marbs at the moment.

Attention hungry celebs have become professional epidemiologists, spouting off in social media in an attempt to remain relevant. Don’t forget me! You used to be so interested in my every utterance! Harry and Megan in their last word salad post on their beloved Sussex Royal Instagram account, thanked us for our  ‘SHARED COMMITMENT for the GOOD in the WORLD.’ I don’t know what Kim Kardashian’s position is on this global pandemic,  but I expect she has one.


Apparently she has been accused of using the Covid-19 crisis to push her SKIM range of shapewear. Is it about wearing your pants on your face?


The Police have taken merrily to their new powers of harassing previously law abiding citizens. Having long ago given up on the hard things to do, like catching burglars or solving crime, they are cruising parks and beauty spots chasing folk home.


Derbyshire Police even used drones to survey dog walkers up on the moors and shame them online. There is no law saying you can’t drive to an open air place to exercise if you keep your distance. So why are they doing this? Something about this kind of behaviour from the police feels a bit sinister to me. 

I’m happy to comply with the prevailing advice to stay at home as I remember the story of the Plague from school. It tells how people in the village of Eyam cut themselves off from the rest of the world in order to stop the spread of the disease, even though they weren’t sure how it was happening. They resisted the urge to run away. Harry and Megan take note. 

COVID-19 a testing time

It is worrying that we haven’t been able to test more people, and disgraceful that we haven’t been able to test and protect our front line health workers. I’m sure they are all loving the Thursday evening claps -we are all quite liking those – but I’ll bet they would rather be properly protected from a deadly virus while at work.

PPE is the new black

Our national public bodies are good at dishing out advice but they seem rather sluggish at reacting quickly to this kind of situation. We are all under house arrest in our home, but flights are still coming in from Italy and the US and China so our borders are not closed. Does anyone know what’s going on?

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