Cycling Challenge winners claim their prize

Triumphant teamsters

The Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge winners claimed their prize this weekend. The ladies’ team of Audrey, Victoria and Becks are serious cyclists who stormed the competition and beat most of the male competitors into the bargain. The Challenge – which was a turbo trainer static bike time trial – attracted all kinds of participants which is one of the reasons it was so much fun to organise. The Durham Quicksteppers (as the terrific trio termed themselves) trained for the competition with sessions in the gym leading up to the event back in January. In contrast, the team of lads from the Apple store at the Metro centre (Apple Genius) popped out for a fag before they strolled up to try their luck on the turbo trainers on their lunch break. Storck bikes provided the super light fast carbon fibre frame speed machines. These bikes make cycling so much easier than in my rather retro experience when, if you wanted to get up the hill, you had to stand up on the pedals for as long as you could and then get off to push half way up. The super multi gears and ultra light frame make inclines almost a piece of cake. You can lift the bikes with one hand, and despite the icy sideways rain as our frosty spring continues, we set off with heads held high on an exciting ride around the hills and dales of the beautiful Northumberland countryside. Well, the ladies did. They went on a long ride with Ian the owner of Storck cycles pedalling with determination.

A light-bike

Julie and I had a somewhat shorter ride which took in a coffee shop stop (purely for market research purposes) and a couple of caravan parks. It was so cold that I lost all feeling in my fingers and toes and my face was so red it looked like it had been slapped with a wet fish. We are all getting heartily sick of the longest winter EVER here in the UK.
The other part of the prize was the ‘Cyclist’s pie’ lunch, which was naturally somewhat heavy on the carbohydrates, but just what the doctor ordered after the icy pedal across the top of Allendale.

Happy Eaters
Fish slapped face

The Forge cafe is very cyclist friendly. They don’t mind them coming into the gallery or cafe a bit wet and muddy or wearing those funny clunky shoes, and the cyclists use up so many calories that they can eat anything the cafe has to offer, including the Irish Lumpy Bumpy cake.

It was a good day.      Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge
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