MADHEAD – NYDC at Dance City

MADHEAD – goes crazy at Dance City



The National Youth Dance Company arrived at Dance City this week with MADHEAD, their latest creative dance piece. The dance work is created by Guest Artistic Director, Botis Seva. Botis takes on the choreography challenge  of working with this very large group of young dancers. Thirty-eight of the UK’s best young performers present a unique piece fusing contemporary dance, physical theatre and hip-hop. The show is fast, precise and energetic. The thumping original score by Torben Lars Sylvest adds a great deal to the atmosphere of forboding, forced coercion and rebellion.


MADHEAD by Botis Seva

Botis Seva was born in south London in 1991 and raised in Dagenham. After training with hip-hop dance company Avant Garde, he set up his own company, Far from the Norm, whose work blends hip-hop with experimental theatre and dance.

Inspired by the frenetic energy of youth, Botis Seva’s choreographic style combines with the young dancers’ talents and creates a thrilling and powerful production.  Botis is the National Youth Dance Theatre’s Guest Artistic Director this year. He has managed to capture the energy and the torture of being young, finding your tribe and then struggling against conformity.


MADHEAD – the National Youth Dance Company

The National Youth Dance Company creates and performs innovative and original dance with talented young dancers. The NYDC bring together gifted young people from across England to work together. They enjoy intensive sessions working with Sadler’s Wells’ renowned Associate Artists and visiting companies. The company has developed  a reputation for challenging, high quality work. The dancers with the company are encouraged to be open-minded, curious and embrace the experimental.


The National Youth Dance Company, is jointly funded by the Arts Council England and the Department for Education. It is run by Sadlers Wells dance academy in London. The company is committed to being diverse and inclusive,  works with dancers from a range of social backgrounds, dance styles and experiences. 

MADHEAD – powerful quality dance

MADHEAD is a great show. The performance is absorbing and powerful.  Because there are so many dancers they make quite an impact when moving in unison.  The discipline of synchronicity was much appreciated by the audience due to of the size of the group on stage  The narrative of the performance is quite sinister in parts. Later in the piece things lighten up a bit and there is more cheeky humour. A few individual dancers get a chance to shine too. In the after show talk, Botis answered some questions. He said he had enjoyed working with the youngsters, but their ideas were often much darker than he had anticipated! I can thoroughly recommend MADHEAD -catch it on its UK tour.


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