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Come on in!

LostAndFound is a quirky new eatery in the up and coming suburb of Heaton, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Situated in beautifully restored premises which was once Prestwell’s grocer’s shop over a  hundred years ago, this is a unique venue with a sophisticated offering for the discerning diner, and especially the discerning cocktail drinker.
The vintage style is something like Great Gatsby meets the mystery of the Orient. Owner Lulu Chai is Chinese and set out to infuse elements of 1920’s decor and lifestyle with her family inherited recipes.

LostandFound bar business

The food is fresh, high quality and seasonal, and there is a stunning selection of drinks and innovative cocktails, craft beers and fine wines.
The interior is stuffed with lots of fascinating details and collections of lamps, rugs, teapots and other paraphernalia. There is even some wood panelling featuring an amazing wooden crest, which was apparently taken from the judges bench at the old Newcastle Crown Court! The music is old school, featuring artists like Edith Piaf. There are also some fascinating photographs from the Newcastle of days gone by too. Nostalgia is cool.

Oriental plates

We were lucky enough to try the Hong Shao Pork with chestnuts and Jasmine Tea Rice (my favourite) and slow cooked beef with couscous (Kaye’s favourite) We also very much enjoyed the Jaio-Zi (dumplings) with Pork prawn and coriander filling, Spiced King Prawns in white wine sauce, sesame crusted seared Tuna with braised fennel and dill and the smoked chicken salad.

Delectable dumplings

New dishes coming on stream soon may feature such delicacies as Kung Pao chicken – can’t wait!
My dessert  – a combination of home made popcorn ice cream and two sorbets – blueberry and lemon and cherry and amaretto – was another exploding mouthful of fantastic flavours, garnished with a fuchsia flower. I really hope it was an edible flower, because I ate it forthwith.

Superb sorbets

The cocktails here are really something. I’d given up on cocktails really after having had one too many syrupy concoctions mixed with cheap spirits in several lesser establishments.
Martin the bar manager takes his cocktail creations very seriously indeed, and is an accomplished mixologist.

Martin the mixologist

These are cocktails with a difference, made with delicious fresh ingredients and just a hint of genius!
I first tried the Rambutan Pisco Sour, quite delicious, sharp and foamy (egg whites) and not sweet at all. We both tried Martin’s Spiced Singapore Sling, as we had both on separate occasions been to Raffles in Singapore, and been heartily disappointed by the insipid beverage served at this iconic ex pat venue. The LostAndFound Spiced Singapore Sling was far superior and had a nice grapefruit twist.

A cut above the usual cocktails

Kaye tried the Espresso Martini – a divine coffee and cream creation and she also tried a new edition not yet on the menu a white chocolate and hazelnut martini. It was incredible, tasted like a Kinder Beuno, and I decided to call it a ‘Cloud Nine!’
My final new to the menu cocktail, was a spiced pineapple and ginger Mojito which was possibly my favourite of all. I do like a good Mojito!

Cocktails make you happy

Also on the menu are classics like the Corpse Reviver, a short strong drink with five ingredients, only one of which is not alcoholic. Hard Core. At the other end of the spectrum, we have the Unicorn Kiss, which is a rainbow recipe featuring Prosecco, something blue, candy floss and glitter!

The Unicorn Kiss

This really is a  special venue, both visually and in its food and drink offer, and I’m very happy indeed to have it right here on my doorstep!

Girls just want to have fun

There is a downstairs area being renovated which will hopefully become a speakeasy bar in the New Year, and on December 16th there’s going to be a 1920’s Gatsby’s themed night. I may well be digging out my flapper dress for that one!

You’ve found us!

LostAndFound is also open for breakfast and brunch with a different menu featuring pancake stacks, granola bowls and a fresh baked in house sourdough.
Opening hours are currently:
Wednesday – 9.00am – 3.00pm/5.30pm – 10.30pm
Thursday – 9.00am – 3.00pm/5.30pm – 10.30pm
Friday – 9.00am – 3.00pm/5.30pm – 10.30pm
Saturday – 10.00am – 3.00pm/5.30pm – 10.30pm
Sunday – 10.00am – 4.00pm

Check out what’s going on at LostAndFound here LostAndFound

Martin loves to shake things Up!


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