Murder on the Terrace Heartbreak productions

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Murder most foul!

Heartbreak Production’s rip roaring murder mystery, Murder on the Terrace returned to Jesmond Dene in Newcastle, this week. The plucky cast braved rain, howling wind, and temperatures more suited to November than flaming June, to deliver a sterling performance, without missing a beat.  The audience, equally stoic, came prepared. Rain wear, umbrellas, boots and blankets were deployed but in true Heartbreak tradition, sparkling wine and even the odd picnic hamper were also in evidence. We British are never defeated by something as insignificant as inclement weather!

The show must go on!

The story is as barmy as ever – weaving together themes such as social class, jealousy, primogeniture, sexuality and politics. And of course talking parrots, poison, passion, and terrible, terrible jokes.
The writer David Kerby-Kendall revels in the high camp and buffoonery of the un PC Carry On genre. He obviously relishes the chance to have as much fun as possible with the outlandish characters, ribald humour and delightful ridiculous world of the wicked pun and the double entendre.

This is the second Heartbreak cast who have taken on this production and each actor rose to the challenge of taking the complex layered emotional text to a new level. Only joking! The cast were great and looked like they were having an absolute whale of a time! It’s a good job people are waterproof, that’s all I’m saying.

A poisoned parrot!

Matthew Cooper took on the weighty role of Inspector Back of the Yard bringing gravity and intellect to this pivotal role. He also wore the mac and and the hat with aplomb.

The dashing Inspector Back!

Georgina Scott was the sassy and rather dangerous Caroline (and Ellie the maid)  and Samantha  Moorhouse, Lady Carver and the housekeeper Mrs Hughes who seems to have migrated accidentally across from Downton Abbey.

Can you help a poor heiress?

David John Hubball was daftly dashing as Neville the posh but dim family friend and suitably obsequious as Graspitt the hopeless accountant. Benjamin Baeza larked merrily about the stage as the gay Sebastian and the part time socialist footman James. Benjamin Bruckshaw (Benjamin 2) was the noble patriarch of the family Lord Cava and his devoted butler Wibble.

The wrong trousers?

Heartbreak Production’s high energy performances are always lots of fun and the leafy summer setting of Jesmond Dene provides an idyllic outdoor arena. The very special experience of a live outdoor theatre performance is an example of English culture at its best, and one that I hope I will be able to experience here for many years to come.
Heartbreak Productions is touring all over England this summer with five different shows – check out for details of productions, venues dates and times near you.

Who needs Netflix?!