Party at Alice in Wonderland’s Tea Party

The Queen of Tarts!

Now I would say that the appeal of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland remains universal. And it’s not just for the kids – Carroll’s mad, yet mathematical view of life can keep the grown ups amused as well, even though it might be a very very long time since they actually read it..Some people have only seen the Johnny Depp film version and may have their facts slightly skewed as a result, but everyone has heard of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – haven’t they? We had several Mad Hatter’s at my friend Jo’s birthday party and one in particular seemed to be channelling the Rocky Horror Show or perhaps the guitarist from 70’s rock band Slade. Very dapper anyway he was – if slightly scary.

Rocky Horror show mad hatter..

It’s always fun to go to a themed party and after Tarts and Vicars, Eurovision, Super Heroes, Halloween, 60’s. 70’s or 80’s parties – why not something for all the family? Some people of course made more effort than others..

Minimal effort on the fancy dress front

There were sweets and cakes and treats absolutely everywhere – very Willy Wonka – and an absolute minefield for the diabetic. I had cream donuts, macaroons, pork pies, sandwiches and all things evil in the slimming world handbook. However the conversation was far more 21st century pragmatist and ranged from the latest scandal at Cleveland Police (several ex employees happened to be in evidence) the ins and outs of house sitting, Spanish teaching, Tennis coaching, the NHS, and strangely enough travel blogging!

The mad hatter later married the Queen of Hearts.

Three generations were represented and they was even a rudimentary treasure hunt where the questions were so easy that the treasure was found before I realised it had started. I was slightly disappointed at that I have to say. There was one Tweedle Dum (or Tweedle Dummer as he asked to be called) but no sign of Tweedle Dee even though strictly speaking the whole point is that there are two of them. Ditto! I will always have a soft spot for Alice as I have appeared in and directed a musical version of the play and written songs for some of the characters to sing. And on a cold windy, rainy February night it was a heart warming and fun way to celebrate a milestone birthday and cheer up a winter’s day. Just remember it’s jam tomorrow and jam yesterday but it’s NEVER jam today!

Incognito Red Queen..


Happy Birthday Alice!
No – the other way!