Siam Supreme – top Thai food

Siam Supreme Thai restaurant on Heaton Road

Thai food at its best

Siam Supreme is a Thai cafe style restaurant and take away, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. It adds a touch of the East to the already thriving Heaton eating scene.

Prawns in a blanket

The master mind of Keith Tong and his son Tong who have lived for  years in Bangkok, the Siam Supreme occupies a corner site on this leafy suburban street. The ambiance is modern and unpretentious with natural materials and the odd Thai picture here and there.

Siam supreme
Thai starter selection

My first visit was early on a Saturday night, only a few days after it opened, before the sign was even up outside, and the place was already buzzing with locals. We were seated in the area where a ‘The J’ – a Thai friend of Tongs – has created a black and white mural of the Khao San road in Bangkok.  The Khao San road is the traveler hub of South East Asia. It is packed with bars, restaurants and beautiful Thai silver shops as well as the cheapest accommodation in town.

Supreme Siam
The Khao San Road

Traditional home cooking at Siam Supreme

Siam supreme has two experienced Thai lady chefs both very smiley, and a talent in the kitchen. Tong himself ran his own very popular restaurant in Thailand which served a mixture of traditional Thai and Thai fusion food. He always uses fresh seasonal produce. ‘I’m the kind of chef that likes to look in the fridge and see what’s there and make something from that! My aim is to make you delicious meals with my special recipes‘ he explained. 

Siam Supreme
The Siam Supreme scene

The food here is delicious Thai home cooking at its best. Everything is cooked fresh every day and there are only so many portions made of Grandma’s secret curry recipe. This popular dish is always in high demand.

Curry selection

I managed to get some of the limited edition supreme curry (Grandma’s) special recipe. It featurs tender beef cooked for over three hours in a creamy sauce with lots of aromatic spices. It was absolutely delicious and not too rich.

Tong confirmed it actually was his Grandma’s recipe and, although she had died a few years ago, her curry recipe lives on. We had hot home made fried prawn spring rolls (Dancing queen) to start which were a crispy treat. The Pad Thai and Massaman curry with potato and coconut milk were also first class.

Siam supreme
Pad Thai – top nosh!

Siam Supreme – keeping it in the family!

We met a few of Tong’s family in the restaurant. First we met Keith, Tong’s Dad who had done much of the refitting of the restaurant himself. Adding the glamour factor was Tong’s sister, the glamorous Thai super model, Champagne, with her pilot husband Schunhsri. Champagne appeared in the ‘Mysterious Girl’ video with pop star Peter Andre.

Siam Supreme
Champagne and Schunhsri
Mouthwatering Thai food with fresh ingredients every day, make the Siam Supreme a local secret that’s going to be very hard to keep!
Siam supreme
Sawadee Ka!


  1. A most enjoyable spur of the moment decision to try out this delightful little Thai restaurant.
    The food was delicious, such flavours, fresh, light. Delightful young owner, so friendly. Can’t wait to go back. And have takeouts!! All Facebook friends have been notified.

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