2013 – New Year Resolutions and Revolutions

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Happy New Year to one and all in 2013 from my Eccentric England blog. I hope to bring you more off beat observations and adventures in this coming year, from home and abroad. As correctly predicted by Mystic Monica, my thirteen year old tortoiseshell cat, the US senate did actually go over the fiscal cliff last night, but forgot to mention that they were all wearing elasticated underpants at the time, and have actually sprung back up to the edge of reason for another go. Phew that’s a relief then! Now we can all concentrate on our own much more mundane concerns. Many of you will be nursing a hangover this morning as celebration in England is inextricably bound up with the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages. Binge drinking is becoming an increasing problem here in the UK, but if people didn’t spend all that time drinking, what on earth would they do instead? Have a cup of coffee and be thankful that you’re still alive, that’s my advice.
New Year’s resolutions date back to medieval times apparently. According to a December 2012 ‘Which’ survey, these were the top five resolutions for 2013
1. Do more exercise
2. Lose weight
3. Eat more healthily
4. Take up or restart a hobby/activity 
5. Learn a new skill

I laugh at your resolutions!

They are about the same every year and are very dull if you ask me. Strangely enough, these homilies are quite universal and tend to be very similar to the top resolutions for us humans from the US, to the UK, in China, India and Russia. We are all much more the same than we think, wherever we’re from, she said philosophically. Maybe we should just resolve to try and remember these wise words as we tread carefully into the future.New Year’s Resolutions and the Fiscal Clifff

Was Don Draper falling off the fiscal cliff?