Alnwick Food Festival 2012

Cup cakes are still ‘in’

Two vices in one

The eighth Alnwick food festival, held in the town’s ancient market place, is always a discovery of interesting things you might want to consume. It celebrates the best local food and drink producers in the region and you can easily have the equivalent of a three course meal by simply sampling the goods as you stroll from stall to stall. Cakes of course are always popular as is chocolate and alcohol. And if you can combine the two then you’re definitely onto a winner. Frere Quenelle create hand blended liqueurs and are based in Haltwhistle.  The man on the stall is always dressed as a monk thus making the product seem more saintly I presume, and one of their specialities is Chocolate Vodka.As the label says ‘What’s not to like?’ There are also more healthy things like lovely artisan breads and there were dough making workshops for those who fancy a bit of weekend kneading.

Beautiful Bread

 Allendale Ales have turned an old Smelt Mill into an award winning brewery and have brought ‘modern brewing techniques to a historical location.’ They are always trying to think up new products and now have  a veritable witches cauldron of exciting brews. I like them because of the gorgeous packaging. Their Wolf Ale is apparently named after the famous Wolf of Allendale. I know it’s a bit wild and woolly in Northumberland but that’s ridiculous.Alnwick food festival continued

Beer with bite!

Quaffable ales

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