An English Summer Sunday

The sun on the Tyne is all mine all mine...

An English Summer Sunday can be a thing of rare beauty if the weather holds. Sunday was bright, cloudy and very breezy but not nearly inclement enough to stop the festivals and  fetes planned for our local Tyneside community. The Americana festival bands at the quayside played bluegrass and country outside (!) and although there was some effort made with a few cowboy hats and ZZ Top beards people mainly lay on the grass and drank a lot in between marveling at the miraculous blue sky. I still didn’t go out without my cardi though.

Musical chemistry
Flow – didn’t really go

An art installation on the Tyne had appeared called ‘Flow,’ a kind of wooden cabin with a waterwheel sitting on the side on the river. Inside were a lot of wooden speakers and beakers with things dipping in and out of them that looked like a chemistry set. What’s supposed to happen is that the tidal river turns the water wheel (hence ‘Flow’) and the the energy generated makes the contraptions inside move and creates music. There were lots of knobs for the public to twiddle which were supposed to turn the different elements of the music up or down. This make the installation ‘interactive.’ You can’t really get funding for anything these days unless it is an interactive installation. Don’t even think about painting a nice picture or anything of that ilk, if you’ve got your eye on Arts Council funding. Naturally the musical volume knobs didn’t work at all despite vigorous twiddling and in fact, there was an man outside with a boat hook trying to shove the waterwheel round which seemed fairly stationary to me. ‘It works better when the tide’s going out’ he explained. Quite a lot of debris had piled up around ‘Flow’ and I wasn’t sure if was just rubbish in the river or had it been interactively thrown there? Who can tell?

Interactive Flotsam?

Another Sunday festival was held at the Ouseburn, more of a family fun day affair, including music, random stalls, the city farm and the place to purchase the cheapest top class home baking being sold in aid of charities.

Arizona it ain’t

The Northumbria branch of the cactus and succulent society featured among the stalls, which in our climate, is a triumph of hope over experience if ever I saw one.

Yes it’s a rabbit
Apologies for absence, minutes of the previous meeting…
Bargain baked goods – yum
Take the weight off those trotters
Praise be!

Kiddies were seriously over stroking small panting animals at the City Farm but the pigs were keeping well out of it as it seemed we may have been interrupting some kind of  porcine AGM. A plate of delicious home baking was available for the princely sum of one English pound and it was the best corned beef pie I’ve had in many moons. All in all everyone was having a lovely day but it is always nice to relax when you get home after a hectic festival visiting schedule and put your feet up. A scarf had strayed from my friend’s stall in the wind into a nearby tree but luckily the True Jesus Church were on hand to save the day…