An Olympic evening in Newcastle

An Olympic night out

Newcastle upon Tyne has often been voted in the top ten best party cities in the world in tourist polls. The Bigg Market, the Quayside and the ‘Diamond Strip’ are where the young and trendy together with the not -so-young and not-so-trendy converge for alcohol inspired entertainment. It is true that where once there were banks, there are now bars and that it is a magnet for stag and hen nights as well as the twenty thousand or so students who make up the Universities and Colleges here. Even one Princess Eugenie is a student here at the moment although there was no sign of her ‘doon the toon’ this weekend..

Pink Ladies

Lads just want to have fun

It took about three minutes to find a stag party and five minutes to find a corresponding hen party. Appropriate inflatables accompanied the same sex groups. The lads were sporting a blow up doll (sweet) and the girls a male member of unfeasible proportions. Who said romance was dead?

Largeing it up in Flares

One of the things you must do if you are a girl when you are on a night out in Newcastle is wear the highest and most uncomfortable shoes you can find. I had a friend who fell off her shoes once and concussed herself. That’s the sort you want

Dangerous Shoes


Big Boot

The Art of running in heels

The bars in town are on a scale from very expensive posy ones where everyone is too cool for school until they are off their faces, and those who start off as they mean to go on with a spectacular determination to enjoy themselves from the word go. If we could only apply that weekend night out energy to our failing economy the whole country would be out of recession by Monday morning. Everyone likes to dress up and frankly anything goes.

Mr Blobby partys on

Mr Blobby, a smurf, and practically a full ward of nurses outfits are just a soupcon of what this weekend had on offer. We quit the scene on the cusp of chaos which kicks in around 10pm.

Anything for a bet

Click here for a Geordie version of Carly Ray Jepson’s current MONSTER hit ‘Call Me Maybe.’
Well funny.