Cake Stands and Craft Fairs

It’s an order!
From ship’s biscuits to art gallery

Craft fairs are always fun but sometimes it’s hard to find something original. However, on this weekend at the ‘Keep Calm and Craft On’ fair at the Biscuit Factory I was spoilt for choice for funky stuff. The Biscuit Factory, now an uber modern independent art Gallery in Newcastle, used to be a factory making ships biscuits for Sailors in days of yore. The hard salty kind that is, designed to keep you alive on the high seas, nothing to do with Jammy Dodgers or Custard Creams. A friend of mine has been inventing and making gorgeous cake stands and we spent the afternoon at the fair giving them names and devising alternative uses for them.What about putting jewellery on them, or cheese and crackers, Christmas gifts, Flumps?!

The Jubilee
The Sloan stand

While musing on all things tea and cakes related we fell into conversation with someone who had been taking part in the noble art of Tea Duelling which apparently is a kind of biscuit dunking face off. Each competitor submerges their biscuit for five seconds, removes it from the brew and then, whoever gets the most moist tiffin into their mouth in one go without any falling off (known as a splash)  – is the winner. A 100% biscuit consumption is apparently known as a ‘nom.’ Now this is definitely Eccentric England territory and it happens at a ‘Steam Punk’ Fair. I really must track this event down.Click here for the full and unexpurgated rules of Tea Duelling, just in case you think I am making it up.

Now where did I put my car keys..
Malted milks at dawn in tea duelling!

Very Willy Wonka