Cakebook Britain

Shakespeare’s Globe – in cake!

Nice hat

As part of the EAT! festival in Gateshead, keen amateur bakers from across the North East constructed landmarks from around Britain, made entirely of cake. After signing up to the website to register for the landmark of their choice, (to avoid multiple icons being constructed) competitors spent hours and hours perfecting an astonishing array of baked and decorated creations which they then brought in on the day (very carefully) to place on the 100sq metre map of our glorious country.
There were obviously plenty of icons from the South of England including Buckingham Palace, The Olympic Stadium, Big Ben and the White cliffs of Dover. Even Glastonbury festival appeared with M&Ms taking the role of the thousands of people around the famous pyramid stage.

Glastonbury with no mud.

Spanish City Sponge

First prize went to Shakespeare’s Globe which featured Shredded Wheat as the thatched roof and characters from Shakespeare’s plays modelled in icing around the base. There were even little icing spectators inside! In between the cakes were icing roads and cars and liquorice allsort traffic lights. The sand around the coast was created by pouring jugs and jugs of hundreds and thousands from a giant bucket around the perimeter. The stuff of Willy Wonka indeed. North East icons the Baltic Flour Mill art gallery, the Sage music centre and Spanish City in Whitley Bay Centre also featured in the “Up North” bit of the map.

A Stadium in sponge

Baked Baltic

Other activities included cooking demonstrations, a cook off between some local primary schools, and a watery game devised to encourage more awareness of the delights of eating fish – Tunaveristy Challenge. Best of all, at the end of the day the Map was dismantled and everyone ate all the cake!