Cluny Artists Studios adventures continued..

Tyne Bridge from Newcastle Castle Keep

One charming artist who makes her home at the Lime Street Artists Studios at the Cluny in Newcastle is Emma Halliday. Emma paints North East coastal scenes in those kind of happy sunny day seaside colours that in reality, are as rare as Charlie Bucket’s Golden Ticket. It taps into those childhood long hot summer memories when everything was lighter, brighter and so much simpler than adult life turned out to be.Well mine anyway.

I’ll have a no 22 with fried rice please..

 Stevie Ronnie turned from computer science and working in the games industry, via an MA in creative writing to making ‘interactive sculptural audio book installations.’ We just thought it was funny to be phoning up the books and hearing strange poetry read in a  broad Geordie accent (think Cheryl Cole reading Shakespeare, ha ha)

Christmas Willow
Neon naughtiness

    Neon artist Sarah Blood works exploring the interaction between lighting techniques and design. Unlikely things are presented with neon tubes incorporated into them. perhaps the most unlikely of all is her neon chocolate cake. The neon tube hides inside undetected until the cake is torn away by willing hands to reveal the bright glowing band of light. All in all, the event was a lot of fun and buying straight from the artist is always more fun (and a lot cheaper) than buying through a gallery. Funny, fresh and funky Lime Street Studios are a bubbling hot tub of creativity. Yeah baby.

If you’re not on the list – you’re not gettin in.