Coronavirus update

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Coronavirus update


Coronavirus update. We are all familiar with the physical symptoms of the coronavirus now. A dry cough, high temperature, exhaustion and difficulty breathing. The societal symptoms are now becoming  evident too. You pop out early in search of  kitchen roll or some endangered cleaning product, and it turns into an outing to rival an arctic expedition.

Getting trollied

It’s a sorry sight at the shopping park. Solemn looking individuals standing at 2m apart with their  supermarket trolleys wait in a queue for a quarter of a mile to get into ASDA at 9am. It has always been a popular shopping destination, due to its prices, even in better times. Now, with everywhere else closed down, shopping in ASDA had become the most exciting thing you can do with your lock down day.

Coronavirus update – sunbathing is NOT allowed.

The slightly better weather means that more folk are venturing out. Only for exercise mind, no hanging about allowed. Some dissidents were congregating too much in London parks, and the response has been – close all the parks!

This is for larking in the park lad!

People living in high density cities tend to live in much smaller accommodation than those in suburbia, and parks are an outdoor lifeline for them. Our esteemed health secretary Matt Hancock says that if we don’t do as we are told he will stop us going outside at all! You can exercise for an hour but no sunbathing is allowed! He sounded for all the world like an ineffective headmaster castigating the fifth form for smoking behind the bike sheds. We are all in detention now.

Coronavirus update – The peak approaches

The government reckons that the peak of viral infections in the UK will happen over the Easter weekend. We will all be holed up with our alcohol stocks, stuffing our faces with non essential Easter Eggs.

Well I’m OK for Easter

The authoritarian president of Belarus has told his citizens to drink more vodka, go to saunas and return to work. As public health interventions go it is fairly unique. The remote Falklands islands has its first case of COVID-19 confirmed. They only have a small community hospital there, and Argentina has offered to help if needed to airlift cases out. Some local residents are adamant they would rather die than accept help from the Argies!

Drink more Vodka and you will be fine!

We had the virtual Grand National at the weekend. All betting proceeds going to the NHS.  A virtual race of champions preceded the main event, televised on ITV, in which triple National victor Red Rum ran out the winner. The animations included virtual ambulances following the runners and riders around the course, and shots of excited spectators.

Keep Calm and Carry On

The Queen addressed the nation for only the fifth time in her reign, outside her annual Christmas broadcast. She spoke to us all in her measured, inanimate way, she really could be reading out a shopping list. She assured us that we would all meet again, (don’t know where don’t know when.) I wonder if Boris was watching from his hospital bed.

We’ll meet again

More high street businesses fail. Debenhams and Cath Kidston go into administration, floored by the double whammy of on line shopping and now having premises closure imposed upon them. I can’t even bring myself to think too much about what is happening in the travel industry. BA have said there will be no redundancies, but EasyJet have said they will not be able to continue past August unless they can cancel a 4 million pound contract with Airbus. We all got a letter from Downing Street today as well.

Letter from Downing Street

Some travel companies are letting people access virtual tours of holiday places to try and keep them front of mind for people when they get out of lock down. One travel company Original Travel have set up a raffle eligible only to NHS workers with some fabulous prizes donated including a £10,000 holiday up for grabs. The raffle opens tomorrow and is open for one month check out how to enter here

Here is a virtual tour to keep you going of ORLANDO

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