COVID-19 virus and living online

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The virus continues its spread


‘Things can only get better’ isn’t a song anyone is singing right now. Our civil liberties have been seriously curtailed and the majority understand why this is so. Information on the virus coming out is still confusing. Are we reaching the peak of the epidemic or are we flattening the sombrero? Are Italy’s figures correct, or are confirmed cases skewed by the amount of testing each country has put in place?

Singapore hasn’t closed pubs or restaurants but everyone respects social distancing scrupulously. A small country heavily reliant on tourism, they are encouraging people to still go out if they are well. However they operate temperature testing at the entrances of all establishments. Singaporeans are used to complying with restrictions, we are a less controllable lot.

Taking the temperature of things

In the UK, Police are shouting through tannoys at people in parks ‘this is not a holiday, get out of the park!’ One woman was arrested for ‘recklessly coughing’ outside a government office in London.

India has put 1.3 billion people into lock down. Transgressors caught wandering about, are literally hit a with a big stick by the police.


Living online

Our online lives expand as our real ones recede. Most of us have Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky or NOWTV. Our entertainment needs are catered for in a way they have never been before. I am missing my theatre trips, but it’s not the end of the world for me. It might be for the theatre though.

We have people being ordered to go out and exercise once a day. This is likely to be once a day more than many were previously doing anyway. Online exercise classes have suddenly become au courant. Joe Wicks, a UK online ‘body coach,’ has nearly a million viewers doing circuit exercises in their living rooms at 9am every morning, many of them children. He sees himself as the UKs PE teacher.

Jump about with Joe

I did an online Bollywood class last night broadcast from the bedroom of a dance teacher from Germany. It was really good fun although the choreography was a bit complicated. The cat thinks it’s all highly amusing. One tweet I read said ‘Just turned down a virtual pub quiz because I’m already playing virtual bingo!’


People have started publishing recipes on social media that they have made from store cupboard staples. Even though there is no shortage of food – especially for the panic buying numpties – something of a war time spirit has been peaked. Everything from Baked Bean Balti to comforting casseroles and soups, to the five ingredient challenge are popping up online.

The five ingredient challenge

The Good the Bad and the lonely

As previously observed, this kind of crisis brings out the best and the worse in humanity. While some are holding NHS workers at knife point for their ID, (which allows some privileges of movement and shopping hours) others are profiteering from shortages of hand sanitiser and toilet rolls. Apparently someone was selling a £40 thermometer for £400 on ebay.

At the other end of the spectrum over 400,000 citizens have registered as volunteers in 24 hours. They want to help and will be delivering medical supplies, groceries and calling those who are isolating alone.

Dyson have switched from making hoovers to manufacturing ventilators. A county Durham Gin distillery have switched from making Mother’s ruin to trendy looking bottles of hand sanitiser

Do Not Drink!!

Tonight at 8pm everyone came out of their houses all over the country and clapped for the NHS workers out there fighting against this pandemic virus. It certainly brought a lump to my throat. It is rather sad that it takes something like this to bring us together – united in the face of a common enemy.

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