Edwardian afternoon tea – the Groupon effect

Olde Worlde chocstop

A visit to the Curiously Wicked Chocolatier and Patisserie in Morpeth, Northumberland seemed like a promising activity to try and  shake off our dead cold dull British  weather. We haven’t seen the sun for months and I still spend most of my waking hours wearing a sheepskin coat because I’m always cold and in those few brief months of summer I can never get myself interested in loft insulation or getting the boiler sorted, hence the house is always a bit nippy this time of year. Afternoon teas are all the rage now. Every hotel seems to do them, and there is a huge attraction in having a pancreas challenging overdose of carbohydrates and sugar in a perfectly civilised setting.

Naughty nibbles?

A celebration afternoon tea at the Ritz in London (including a small glass of champagne) will set you back almost 120 of your English pounds, but it is still booked up months ahead. Curiously Wicked has an Edwardian ambiance and you are served by staff dressed in costume. In times of austerity nostalgia becomes more popular than ever – witness the success of TV series like The Paradise and Mr Selfridge which take us back to a more genteel age where the obesity epidemic was still just a twinkle in Ronald Macdonald’s eye.

Time for tea


It was a nice idea but I did come across this opportunity as a result of a Groupon. I admit Groupons have shaped an awful lot of my shopping behaviour over the past few years. I get more emails from Groupon than from anyone or anything else on a daily basis. Don’t get me wrong, I love Groupons – sometimes Groupons are great – they are. Sometimes however they’re not so great and on this occasion the scones and stottie cake sandwiches did taste a bit like they had been made in the Edwardian era. Put it this way, I don’t think Mr Selfridge would have approved…

Mine are the top tea rooms