Extreme Diet Disaster

Much tastier than that metal stuff

Have you ever found yourself with an ill advised addiction which seems to be a key factor in your waist line starting to resemble a Krispy Creme donut? For me it was Gold Bars a retro McVities biscuit recently relaunched on the unsuspecting British public. Sugar it is now known, is as addictive as cocaine but there is absolutely no sympathy for sugar addicts and no publicly funded drop in centre for those of us with confectionery issues.

I have been working with personal trainers Daire and Ronan from Alchemist Fitness promoting an employee fitness programme and I decided that it was time I practiced what I preached and had a go myself. Alchemist Fitness run an impressive body transformation programme and the before and after pictures on their site are just amazing. And I know they are real as I spotted one in reception the other day.

Dáire Wallace - Alchemist Fitness Trainer
Dedicated Daire

Daire is a walking advert for the Alchemist fitness way. A former breakdancer with the Bad Taste Cru and weight lifter and an advocate of NLP (more of that later) I was convinced I could transform my life and be the best I could be. “On a scale of 1-10 how much do you want to do this? He asked me. “At least and eight and a half ” I replied. “Not good enough – you need to be a ten.”  I’m not sure I’m a ten about anything, ever, but a ten I determined to be. I did managed the ‘before’ picture ok.
I then struggled to lift the lightest of the weights – I was a weak as a kitten! And the restrictive diet with protein, protein and more protein and no breakfast – NO BREAKFAST! was making me feel very floppy indeed. Then the weekend came and a bottle of Champagne and some picn’ mix at the pictures (well how can you go to the movies without picn’ mix?) It was a DISASTER! Is there any way back from – as Daire described it with devastating understatement  -“A shaky start!” ??


Joanne got in shape for her wedding – what a result! This could be me!

Joanne After!
Joanne Before