Farewell Blithe Spirit

Ectoplasmic Ecstasy
A community gem

Saturday night was the last peformance of Blithe Spirit at the the Little Theatre in Gateshead. The production was hailed a triumph with a 91% overall audience attendance which is pretty impressive in anyone’s book. One nice chap told me it ‘couldn’t have been better with professional players’ and all the positive feedback made me think that it was worth all the hard work. Directing is definitely work, it requires you to be the responsible parent. Acting is more of the child role and consequently usually more fun.

Spooky Sponge

The after show party was jolly good fun and included a lot of carbohydrate consumption and some dancing. Jenny the lady doing the lights works at Costco and got them to do us a rather splendid and sizeable ghostly cake which I scoffed in large quantities throughout the week. How I didn’t put myself into a diabetic coma with all the sugar consumption I’ll never know. I even wrote a Blithe Spirit rap for the amusement of the cast and if you know the play you’ll get it. If you don’t – go read it now!

The Blithe Spirit Rap
What we got here is the Blithe Spirit rap
Mr C gets caught in a ghost honey trap
It’s a tale of love that really sentimental
When all hell breaks loose with a foxy elemental
We love Elvira and her ghostly ways – even if she does lie doggo for days
She’s got a spiritual thing for Captain Bracegirdle
And crossing back over’s provin’ something of a hurdle
Now naughty Elvira got a bad mood on – had a deadly honeymoon in Budleigh Salterton
It was just a little launch and it never was a punt – and that Guy Henderson was a great big – cad
Young Edith is a maid who is fast on her legs – a natural medium who serves fried eggs
Mme Arcarti was always hungry as a hunter – ate cucumber sarnies like ol Billy Bunter
Seems Ruth’s not the only girl that Mr C’s kissed – He lookin’ kinda like an astral bigamist
Nasturtiums are vulgar and Daphne has a cold
She loves Tommy Tucker and she never gets old
Eat a pigeon pie and a rich cheese thing and you never know what you’ll be materialising
Dr Bradman is the man who looks after your health – he’s handy with the brandy and says ’behave yourself’
Mrs B puts her foot in it in every situation – she could do with a touch of modified interpretation
So pluck up your heart have a whiskey and soda – lets all drink ourselves into an alcoholic coma
What are we to do if we can’t have fun – eat a cucumber sandwich and we’ll all go home
Our ghostly play it’ll spook you for days Hope the cast and the crew will remember ‘ALWAYS!’