Festival Fun and Footwear

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The right attitude is paramount
An attractive selection
The sixties look
Doggy pattern

Intrepid festival goers exhibit an unfailingly positive attitude that many of us could learn from. If you don’t have a ‘mindless have a go’ mentality at these things you might doubt your own sanity at spending several hours sitting in a sea of mud in the pouring rain drinking over priced alcohol out of a plastic glass.

Another feature of experienced festival folk is that they will generally seize the opportunity to wear an array of attractive wellingtons. I was so impressed with the wide variety of attractive wellies on show at the Jessie J concert at Alnwick castle that took it upon myself to do a short wellie survey. Everyone was only too keen to display their colourful boots.

The Wellington boot was a type of work boot popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. They are apparently also known as rubber-boots, topboots, gumboots, barnboots and in some quarters ‘poopkickers.’

Stripey’s nice

Once a staple of outdoor wear for the British aristocracy they have come along way from the strictly dull green efforts which were the only sort available when I was a child. They are now a top fashion accessory and a festival must have. Ok so I got a bit carried away with the Wellington boot survey…

I could kick poop in these!
Daisies and more dogs