Jessie J – singing in the rain

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Castles and concerts in the rain
The British love a good queue
Rain? We never noticed!
Rule Britannia!

August 25th was one of those glorious red hot late summer days we dream of… Oh no sorry wrong blog. August 25th was a day of customary unrepenting torrential rain. The kind that soaks you through and aggravates any respiratory or arthritic weakness. We’ve had quite some rain here in the UK lately and Saturday proved to be no exception. The weather refused to be upstaged by the appearance of pop warbler Jessie J on stage in the vale in front of the majestic Alnwick castle. Thousands of Jessie J fans which included an awful lot of little girls descended upon the field which had become a complete and absolute quagmire. But the British are amazing at these things. The Dunkirk spirit emerges and everyone pulls together. They will queue for hours in the pouring rain with umbrellas. They will wear waterproofs, rain ponchos and wellies. They will bring tables chairs, tents. They will carry a wide selection of refreshments with them from a simple lunch through what appeared to be a three course meal in some cases. They WILL enjoy themselves come what may and, in the end that’s exactly what they did!

The concert was good, Jessie warbled her hits and got the obligatory member of the audience up on stage to sing some of the lyrics – just laziness if you ask me – but the real show was not on the stage. It was right there in the field with its festival atmosphere and the ebullient determination to have a fun despite of the most miserable summers in living memory.Well done blighty!

Jessie warbled well – at least I think it was her…