Love London – the Tate Modern

View from the Tate Modern
Oh Jeff I love you too… But….

The view from the Tate Modern on the South bank of the Thames is pretty cool. The dome of St Paul’s Cathedral has had a full exfoliating face scrub and looks 10 years younger. The Millennium Bridge is still very popular despite its initial wobbly start and even on an icy grey February evening there’s always something new to see in our ever changing capital. The Tate Modern is a great building, it’s fantastic for people watching and it does get some amazing stuff in there. The recent concert by Kraftwerk in the giant Turbine Hall was an instant sell out as they played through all their hit albums and their brand of Techo German idealism would have fitted perfectly with the bleak atmosphere of the stark vault which greets you as you enter the building. Apparently the audience were mainly fifity someting men who find this kind of idealistic, emotionally detached music so compelling. Funny that.

Kraftwerk at the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern
German Groovers
Are you in there dear?…

There’s a Pop Art Lichtenstein exhibition coming soon too, his first real Retrospective in twenty years. Lichtenstein started out as an abstract expressionist and from that developed his unique graphic art comic book style which has such a universal appeal. He has had a huge influence on modern art this century and made the use of the ellipsis to imply the unstated, an art form in itself…

Alas, on the day when I went to the Tate Modern neither of these fantastic experiences were available to me. It was still fun to watch all the cool young people milling around who flock there because of course it is still the famous Tate Modern Art Gallery but also because a) it’s free and b) they’ve got the heating on. We like it when it’s about to close and they turn all the escalators to down to empty out the floors from the top (an installation in itself really.) When I was there this week the most interesting thing I saw were some bits of shop mannequins wrapped in a lot of duct tape which looked a bit like giant turds. Typical.
We did get to make some art of our own though. Special interactive computer screens were provided for visitors to use to fashion their own crude creative offerings. Mine didn’t exactly turn out a Lichtenstein, but I can always come back next month to see the real thing…
The Roxy Cinema

Pollack or Bo**ocks?