Low down on the lock down

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lockdown Lisa

Lock down life

Lockdown now feels like an interminable long haul flight. You’ve watched all the movies. All snacks have been consumed. You have quaffed as many bottles of wine as you can get away with without looking like a total alcoholic. Exercise involves a few ankle rolls and a stagger to the toilet every few hours. There is one major difference however. We’ve got no idea when we are going to arrive at our destination.

The mask question is now being debated. It seems to be accepted that this may help to prevent you spreading the virus if you have it, and creates a physical reminder about social distancing.  Do we need to wear them, do they even work?

On the plus side, I can re purpose my collection of flight eye masks! Here I am sporting the Emirates 2018 model. Crazy lock down hair optional.

lock down
Masks are in.

Lockdown – meeting people

Lockdown makes meeting new people even harder than usual. In fact, unless you suddenly decide to strike up a socially distanced conversation with that neighbour you’ve never really got on with, this is a considerable challenge.

Many people spend much of their days keeping in touch with friends and family – making sure loved ones are OK. Zoom and Skype and Teams and Face Time and Whatsapp have never been so busy. The house party app lets groups of people take part in Quizs and quick draw challenges. The cat can also join in.

Hey House Party on!

My most popular blog of all time (I really don’t know why) remains the one about Clough’s sweet shop which sells old fashioned sweets here in Heaton. Clough’s has been in business for over 100 years! I posted this blog on the British sweets and confectionery Face Book page, and got a great response! Check out the sweet surprise of Clough’s sweet shop here

I ended up in protracted online exchange about the history of the walnut whip. Originally there were nuts inside, then on top and during one halcyon period, both. Folk reminisced about the plain chocolate one, and the coffee one, also popular.

lock down
OO I could just eat one now..

Latterly, Walnut whips did have the walnut removed by Nestle and were renamed ‘whips.’ They said they wanted to extend the ‘whip range.’ It’s like buying a car without a steering wheel.

There is time for such frippery in lock down. Plus it beats the government’s daily PR session, where we are reminded by unconvincing men in suits, all ex public school boys, of how many people are dead today.

Lock down domesticity

Lockdown has forced people to reassess their relationship with the home. Everyone is cleaning more, and rearranging furniture.  I’ve heard of some driven to alphabetising books and music collections (not me.) Those of us lucky enough to have gardens have a great advantage. Plants are getting re potted at last, lawns are being mowed and seeds are being germinated on windowsills. Flour and yeast are in short supply as there is now time for baking.

lock down
Rhubarb pie – yum!

There’s also a lot more time for eating. Keeping us all at home, where eating is the most fun thing we can do, has increased our risk of obesity without doubt. Thus, when we emerge blinking into the sunlight from our incarceration, we will all be more susceptible to the virus anyhow.

lock down
Fat – moi?

Lockdown online shopping

We are all shopping more online. If the high street wasn’t dead before the lock down it will be on its last legs after this. Primark has been left with 1.5 billion worth of unsold stock. It has been reported that the company’s earnings have gone from £650million a month, to £0.

When sleeplessness hits you in the middle of the night online shopping can be a dangerous thing. I now have a purple velour tracksuit which bears testament to this. The top is too small and the bottoms are too big. I look like a large aubergine when relaxing on my chaise longue flicking through the latest Netflix options.

lock down
It looks better on him

Travelling again

When will we be able to travel again? It’s hard to imagine that carefree globe trotting lifestyle returning anytime soon. We can’t plan anything as there are just too many unanswered questions. When will Dr Seuss be able to say to us once more..


Today is your day!

You’re off to great places!

You’re off and away!

lock down