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Chocolate chuckle

Rumpy Pumpy anyone?

It was a sunny September day for the Food Festival – and with over fifty local food producers taking part, this is quite a big event for the Hogworts-Hosting Market Town in Northumberland. Jean Christophe Novelli the Michelin Star chef was selling the opportunity to have your photograph taken with him for £1. He just looked like a little grey balding man with a picture of his younger black wavy haired Italian Stallion self, pasted helpfully next to him. There weren’t any takers – the lure of the free treacle toffee samples was far more attractive. Last year I remember the celebrity factor was supplied by Sean Wilson, Martin Platt of Coronation Street, as was. After the end of his soap career he became a master cheese maker (an obvious career change) and was displaying his new varieties of ‘Ow’s Yer Father’ and ‘Rumpy Pumpy’ cheddar. It’s back to the toffee samples for me…
Other exciting delicacies included sloe gin in a bottle in the shape of an eagle. Previously only seen at dinner displays on the decks of cruise ships and now coming to a Christmas dining table near you.

Alcoholic raptor

 Of course there are some people who have maybe been to one too many food festivals. You live by the pudding…..
Alnwick Food Festival

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Pile of Perfect Puddings

Too much of a good thing