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Why can’t anyone see me?!

This week’s run of the glorious Blithe Spirit at the Little Theatre in Gateshead continues. Audiences are clapping after every scene which has got to be a good sign. In an era where British culture seems to be becoming defined by reality TV and gossip about celebrities and their bad behaviour, it is gratifying to see a Theatre which is very much a part of the local community, packed to the rafters with people chortling at at Noel Cowards’s timeless ‘improbable farce.’ Talk about David Cameron’s Big Society. This is a Theatre which considers less than 80% capacity for every show a bit of a  flop (most professional Theatres would kill for that!) and receives no subsidy from anywhere let alone our esteemed Arts Council.

Is she barmy?


The Little Theatre was built in 1943 for the company of the ‘Progressive Players’ who formed in 1920. In the true spirit of the blitz, the Little Theatre Gateshead  was the only Theatre in the country which stayed open during the WWII. It was founded by the Dodds sisters from Gateshead who were educated liberal women of their day. With great foresight, the sisters put up the money to buy the site and build the theatre and all three took an active part in the production of plays. I’m sure they would have loved this production of Blithe Spirit. Noel Coward might not have liked women all that much but he knew how to write damn good parts for them!  Farewell Blithe Spirit
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Women of substance

I haven’t stuffed the mushrooms!