New Year’s Resolutions and the fiscal cliff

Cliff jumping is fun!

 As we reach the end of 2012 we wrestle with our New Year’s resolutions. Should we be a bit more understanding of other people’s points of view? Should we try to come to agreement with others over important issues for the greater good of everyone? Should we swallow our pride and accept that we can’t always have our own way about everything, even if we are, or maybe especially if we are, a politician? We’ve been hearing a  lot about the fiscal cliff lately. I don’t know whether it’s a product of global warming or maybe all those floods we’ve been having. I’m not even sure where it is – the USA somewhere- maybe in a national park, the Rockies perhaps? Or maybe right in the middle of Washington DC? One thing is for sure it appears to be something that no one wants to fall off right now but can’t resist looking right over the edge into the precipice because they don’t want to be the one to look a sissy and back down. While some of us wheel out the old chestnuts of giving up alcohol, smoking or eating carbs, our American leaders argue about something which will have grave consequences for their country, their citizens and the global economy. We know politicians are programmed to disagree with the opposition, that’s their job I guess. We know they tend to be white middle class men with large egos and vested interests, which makes compromise as uncomfortable as a wasp up your nose. But couldn’t they surprise us, just this once?
Failing that here are a few practical suggestions which could possible help them to overcome their vanity and their intransigence.

Where’s the fiscal cliff?

1. Make them all stand on ice in their underpants until they agree.

2. Make them dress as Phillipino prisoners in orange jump suits and dance Gangnam style until they agree.

An early adopter                                                                                                                               

3. Let them loose unarmed in the white house pursued by an assailant with an automatic weapon until they agree.

That last one just might do it. In a year when we have had terrible natural disasters causing floods and  destruction across the world. In a year when a girl gets shot in the head for standing up to the Taliban and going to school. In a year when neighbours around the globe are still blowing themselves and each other up in the quest for power and territory. Maybe this one time these guys in suits can take a good hard look at themselves and try making a step backwards away from the cliff and give us all a Happy New Year for a change.