Newcastle Christmas Market fun

The Russians are coming!

Centuries ago, Christmas Markets in the UK were very popular until Oliver Cromwell, the old Scrooge, banned the celebration of Christmas because it wasn’t Godly enough. I imagine he would be shaking his severed head today at the massive commercial bunfest Christmas has become. He may even now, (posthumously) regret not letting the peasants have a bit more seventeenth century fun. There were many markets in Britain during the Victorian era which would sell Christmas related products and foodstuffs in the run-up to Christmas but they were not known as Christmas Markets. Lincoln in the East of England was the first UK Christmas Market to be revived and from small beginnings is now in its 26th year and pretty much takes over the picturesque market town for several days in early December. Our Newcastle continental market has all the usual fun ingredients and some of the unusual to give it that bit of a Geordie twist. The street food is fabulous with everything from giant Paellas to German sausage emporiums, to Dutch Pancakes and the market is packed every afternoon and evening with trendy and not so trendy residents of Old Newcastle town.

And I said to him…
But where would he put it?

A Gorilla helpfully points you in the direction of the nearest tattoo parlour. I couldn’t work out whether there was any connection to the fact that it was a tattoo parlour or whether the person holding the sign was just too embarrassed to identify themselves in public. A lone Scottish piper regaled us with his tartan tunes outside the highland glen of shopping that is TKMaxx. And a big fat lad did some Geordie rapping at the monument which consisted of a lot of those gansta arm movements and swearing, mainly.                                    

Did he get his kilt there?
Big fat rap – Yo!
The Dave doll – a limited edition?