Northumberlandia – Giant Earth Sculpture

Big girls are beautiful

Northumberlandia is a unique piece of public art set in a 46 acre community park with free public access and 4 miles of footpaths on and around the landform.The centrepiece of the park is Northumberlandia, a stunning human landform sculpture of a reclining lady. Made of 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil, she is 100 feet high and a quarter of a mile long.

You can walk all over some people..

She was built with hard core or slag, transported by giant 150 tonne earth movers from the next door Shotton Surface mine. This has led to her being nicknamed ‘Slag Alice’ by the locals – charming! There’s a great view of the colliery from the top of her head as well as of the glorious surrounding Northumberland coast and countryside.
Northumberlandia has been built by the Banks Group who run the mine and designed by American Charles Jencks who is known for this sort of thing apparently.


She was certainly proving popular the day we went to visit as people and their children and their dogs swarmed over and around her in a scene straight out of Gulliver’s travels. Two prominent features of the form are Alice’s large breasts which prove good vantage points from which to survey the rest of her. One grandad was over heard explaining to his grandchild that they were going to walk up those ‘humps’ over there. While a slightly larger child ran past at speed shouting ‘lets go up the titty boobies!’  It’s all a question of perception. You can roam at will over most of Northumberlandia but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere, and her face is definitely out of bounds.

From Alice’s point of view


Self Explanatory


Alice from the air

This unique artwork forms an iconic gateway to Northumberland and is sure to join the Angel of the North as a top tourist attraction which is accessible, imaginative and fun. You can see all of Alice best from the air and luckily she is right on the flight path coming in to Newcastle airport. So if you happen to be on the right hand side of the plane as you glide back from your foam party in Ibiza and are not too off your head on in flight refreshment you may well see your horizontal girl back home welcoming you back.

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