Ouseburn art studios – home of the most beautiful tea pots in the world

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Pot pile

The Lime Street art studios are to be found in the Ouseburn area in a vibrant cultural corner of Newcastle Upon Tyne. The studios are in The Cluny, a former whiskey warehouse which is now a live music venue, pub, cafe and recording studios. Every year there is a special weekend when all the artists open their studios to the public. Incidentally, the Cluny is a regular fixture in the top 100 of the World’s Best Bars and is currently the only pub in Newcastle to make that hallowed list.

Pink Perfection

My favourite potter has her studio here. Julia Roxburgh makes the most fantastical tea pots, sugar bowls, mugs and candlesticks that would all fit perfectly into the world of Alice in Wonderland. They are multi coloured, striped, spotted, gilded and bobbled. These tantalising tea time creations are arguably the most beautiful tea pots in the world. Her work is regularly stocked by Fortnum and Masons in London – the highest seal of approval and are a luxurious if not exactly cheap, treat. I did manage to add to my collection with a small plate and two amazing pots on stalks which I shall attempt to put well out of the way of Sherbet the cat.

There were lots of other unique creative treats there too. Jim Edwards beautiful paintings onto crab claws which I’ve never seen before. It does seem a shame that the crab will never get the chance to wave their now fabulously decorated claws around though. There were art installations made from books which are obviously looking for a new role in life now that the unlovely grey kindle is taking over our reading habits. There were delicate porcelain christmas tree ornaments, prints and clocks and hand made furniture, textiles and neon tube art. It is a long time since I’ve seen so many desirable unique creations, I will definitely be back next year. Now who would really appreciate these quirky heartwarming items for Christmas – I know – me!

Any crab would want to wear this
With art at heart.

Top spotty pot