Rain did NOT stop play

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A brace of brollies
The Failed gazebo
I attended the Jessie J concert at Alnwick castle with some friends at the weekend, with a view to selling the happy festival goers some stuff and of course to sing along and ‘Do It Like a Dude’ with Jessie herself. The weather was absolutely diabolical and as we struggled in the wind and the rain to put up the gazebo we had brought, it slowly dawned on us that some one had forgotten to bring the top of it.

It was decided that we would walk the two miles into Alnwick and try to purchase a replacement gazebo before everyone arrived at the mud spattered venue.After scouring the medium market town we managed at last to locate one in good old Lidl – the supermarket of surprises.The gazebo was quite heavy so we called for a taxi to take us back. We also observed a local monk doing his shopping there, surprises indeed!

Gazebo goes up!
Glow sticks were popular
That monk is trollied

We were eventually able to erect the new gazebo and commence sales of hippy chick Indian bags.

It seemed however that festival goers were not that interested in the Indian bags. They wanted food and drink and Jessie J merchandising. They also, as we discovered, wanted GLOW STICKS! In the end we did a roaring trade with the punters – particularly with the little girls who are avid glowstick officianados – which made things all worth while. The rain finally stopped in time for the fireworks  finale which looked amazing with the castle in the background. 

After dismantling the gazebo, it then took us over an hour to get off the field in the middle of the night as multiple cars got stuck in the mud and had to be dragged out by tractors which roamed around with their lights on looking like transformers. It was all still jolly good fun though and made a change from an M&S dine in for two for £10 meal while watching the X factor which is what most of the British population aspire to on a Saturday night..

Gazebo success!
Everyone was a stick in the mud