Rowing for beginners

The boat on the Tyne is all mine, all mine..
On the row to nowhere

Yes, we have all been inspired by our rowers at the Olympic games and their impressive haul of no less than nine medals, four of which were Gold. But if you have been inspired what can you do about it? Just next to the office I work in from time to time is the mighty river Tyne and it occurred to me that what with it being so close and all, we should really be making the most of it. Especially as there are two rowing clubs within spitting distance of here. I rustled up fourteen members of staff (some exceedingly tall ) and off we went for a free ‘taster’ session in the giant indoor tank where you can learn your technique without fear of ending up in the drink. Apparently the Tyne is classed as a ‘tricky’ river so putting us all out there straight away was probably going to end in disaster. I was happy to get to grips with my sculling in the safety of the giant bathtub and not have the threat of an Eskimo roll looming over me. It was a great way to learn to get into rhythm with your fellow rowers and not to feel that you were about to capsize at any moment. Everyone enjoyed it and quite a few are now thinking of going on a proper learn to row course which will result in a real river expedition. The Tyne United Rowing Club (TURC) is quite a young club, only three years old but they are going all out to get as many people involved in rowing as possible and are a very proactive outfit.

Is it Jason and the Argonauts?

Apparently rowing is a fantastic full body workout but it is fun too. Even without the Gold medal.

Wellies required at the rowing club
Oarsome ladies!

In the clubroom – it gets everywhere!