Slimming World – first refusal at the water jump

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Falling at the Slimming Fence

Well, it had all been going quite well. Ok, it has taken me nine weeks to lose nine pounds but at least things were going in the right direction. But when I actually wrote down what I’d been eating – the date crumble, the caramel shortcake, the creme brulee, the lemon drizzle cake and the bottle of rose wine I had consumed in the past week, it was amazing that I had stayed the same weight and not put half a stone on! I would have to say I have hit the water jump at the Slimming World Grand National. (Losing weight really is a steeple chase and not a sprint) I have become cavalier with my calorie consumption. Even though the diet-coke-chicken youtube recipe sounded absolutely fabulous, I still gave in and went for the three course Italian meal with half a bottle of Pino Grigio as a loosener instead.

This week we looked at the Slimming World Motivational Toolkit. This is a series of tactics designed to get those of us who have strayed onto the primrose path of dalliance, back on the righteous road. Can you visualise yourself in those size ten trousers without your muffin top making a bid for freedom? Can you write down the reasons for and against putting in the effort to lose the lard? Seeing things written down in black and white is apparently much more likely to make it happen.
Let’s just get one thing clear. We live in an OBESOGENIC environment. Now, I think this is a bit of a made up word but it describes our world where temptation is ever present. It may be in the form of fast food outlets or a nice little bistro with an attractive wine list, but it is temptation all the same.

Think it and it will be so!

Recipe chat in class turned to scones made out of Smash (?) and snacking on whole bulbs of roasted garlic (??). The inspirational Lindsey got her SEVEN stone award and talked of how she was getting married in twelve weeks time and how she never thought she’d be able to wear a wedding dress. Now she had bought one two sizes too small and is confident that she will be able to fit into it by then. And then there was me, just being a little bit lazy and and a little bit greedy. I am going to refocus, regroup and try again. I AM. There it is, in black and white – let’s see if it makes any difference..

Diet Coke Chicken – yum