Slimming world – let the battle commence!

Skinny starts here!
Katie coaches a newbie

This was my second week at Slimming world and I approached the scales with trepidation. Would the combat sessions at the gym have counteracted that tricky double Walnut Whip episode? Would the fact that I had not filled in a food diary again mean that items had slipped unrecorded into my mouth causing calorie overload? Would the fact my oven has blown up again and I can’t make any slimming world chips have any bearing on anything at all? In the event, a flock of hardy dieters still made it to the session despite the appalling snowy and icy weather conditions. In group each week every weight loss achievement, however modest, is rewarded with a small round of applause. Now I know this sounds really fake and cheesy but getting a  round of applause however half hearted does in fact make you feel good about your efforts. It does.

Mandy was there having lost an amazing six and a half stone. She was broadcasting what seemed like 101 top tips for what to do with a Laughing Cow Light cheese triangle. I asked her for the secret of her slimming success and she said it was all about mental attitude. ‘You need to get your head in the game.’ she asserted. I’m sure that’s from High School Musical.

Shrinking Snowman
Even if her partner is eating a giant bowl of popcorn while watching a movie she will have a similar bowl but it will be full of carrot and cucumber sticks instead. Now that is dedication. There are lots of specialist products you can buy of course to help you along the Weightloss Way, although I still think buying  diet chocolate is bonkers. Just STOP eating it! As I made my way home through the bitter January night I spotted a particularly slim  style snowman made by some students living in a shared house who live not far from me. It seemed like a sign… Oh and I lost three pounds as well..


Much thinner Mandy
Lean Cuisine