Slimming World – not so extra easy!

Pain scale of the weight loss journey

It’s got to that stage where I’m  going to have to watch what I’m putting in my mouth again. It’s tedious and unpleasant but I have been eating Easter eggs and lovely cakes and drinking vino to excess, all things I like to do.  And the result is – surprise surprise – my spare tyre has inflated alarmingly and my face has that ‘hamster with its pouches full’ look again which is just not nice for anybody. I lost weight with slimming world before – this is about my journey last year – I guess I better think about setting off on it again, Oh nooooooooo!

These are the many faces of the Slimming World attendee. If you lose weight you get to have the ‘no hurt’ face on the left which equates to a beatific smile and you do see these smiles on a few folks on a weekly basis. If, like me, you lose weight very very slowly, you get to have face no 2 which hurts a little more but there is still hope for you. If you’ve put weight on, you have face 3 or face 4 depending upon the scale of the negative results. However, all those faces are better than face no 5 which is the face you originally had when you got on the scales after the Christmas blow out.
At week five the realisation dawns that the ‘extra easy’ plan still involves eating a lot less tasty snacks than I would like, virtually no alcohol and having to stay just a bit hungry at least sometimes. There is only so much boiled rice you can eat – ask anyone from ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here!’ Five weeks and I still haven’t lost so much as half a stone. Six measly pounds – that’s it. I only had a couple of puddings and wine in moderation. I ran up and down the stairs at work, did Zumba and went to a high impact combat class twice at the gym.
However, my Zumba teacher said “Using cardio for weight loss after 35 is a waste of time.” What? So I’m better off slumped on the sofa watching trash TV and not eating the Cadbury’s cream egg than bothering to go to the gym and spending forty five minutes energetically punching and kicking an imaginary opponent? So it would seem.


Exercise by the way, is not called exercise on Slimming World – it is called ‘Body Magic.’ This is so as not to alienate people who never do exercise and are a bit scared of it, apparently.
Tina, Nisha and Lucy all got their half stone award (a classy certificate) Chris lost a stone in four weeks, and as a class we collectively lost 68 pounds which I guess is a whole lorry load of lard.

Lard was lost

76 year old Cyril (an enthusiastic Slimming World devotee) still lost weight despite indulging in haggis at a Burns Supper- and attending three Chinese New Year dinners! Super. He said his kilt was fitting a whole lot better. That guy has a better social life than me that’s for sure. Shock fact of the week was that a large jar of Dolmio sauce – a family favourite with pasta – is 52 ‘Syns.’ That is a whole lot of hidden fat and sugar, which I expect is what makes people like it. More interesting recipe ideas were discussed and I resolved to redouble my efforts next week. I did try to make the pasta sheet tortilla chips  but I got distracted and left them in the oven too long and they were largely incinerated. Sigh…When fat fights back