Slimming World – when fat fights back

Fat fight back!

 I went back to Slimming World this week after my holiday expecting the worst. For four weeks previously I had stayed the same weight. Yes, I had had a crispy Galaxy bar or two on holiday (delicious!) and a a few bottles of wine but hey, I swam in the pool everyday and walked about a lot. I was quite pleased to find that I had stayed the same weight, possibly because I took time to don my thinnest lightest clothes before I went. And took my watch off. Watches can be quite heavy you know. However, the  fact remains that the class is called Slimming World – not Stay the Same World. I had reached the dreaded PLATEAU of dieting. It’s when you take your eye off the prize, get a bit slipshod with your carbohydrate consumption. Or go back to the pic’n’mix at the pics. The lady next to me said she had put on three pounds one week and then lost them the next week and had been doing that for six months. That’s the plateau for you. Slimming World, by the way,  is the only place you go where people say ‘I’m not losing any weight – I don’t think I’m eating enough’ I think it means you haven’t eaten enough of the right kind of dinner to make the magic food optimising thing work. It’s all a bit mystical really.

Carb crisis

Anyway this week we talked about getting back on track and about trying the seven day challenge to break that ‘I’m not getting any thinner’ syndrome. The principle is that you continue with the plan but every day for seven days you drink seven glasses of water, eat seven syns and seven superfast foods. So you could have, for instance. Seven glasses of water, two jammie dodgers (7 syns), some gooseberries, a kiwi fruit, some grapefruit, some celery, a turnip, some carrots, some garlic and some green beans. Simple. This will kick start your weight loss. Or you could try that fasting for two days diet which everyone is going on about, although this is not recommended by Slimming World. It was a bit disappointing when Katie stated that no matter how much exerecise you do it doesn’t really help you lose weight it just tones you up. Is that true? Surely exercise burns calories and can help you reduce? Any way Chris wasn’t having any of that. He had lost an astonishing fourteen stone using the Slimming World method and had recently taken up golf. He’d been out on the golf course at Slaley Hall at the weekend but said that it was tough going as it was so windy that it kept blowing his balls back at him. Nasty that.

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Giant Jammie Dodger