The 2013 Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge

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The Road to Nowhere!

If you’re partial to a bit of pedalling, why not try the Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge this month. The challenge is part of my cunning Workforce Workfit programme which aims to get more people doing physical activity, in this case off their sofa and onto their bike! On the weekend of January 19 and 20 2013, businesses and NHS organisations are putting in teams to try our  exciting static bike time trial.
 Teams of three cyclists are booking in for the 15 minute time trial which will be held at the two largest shopping centres here in the North East of the UK. Each cyclist will have five minutes on a high performance static bike fitted with a Tacx Turbo Trainer which will take them through some spectacular ‘virtual’ scenery. Each team’s total will then be added to the leader board (like in Top Gear.) At the end of the weekend the two teams who have travelled the furthest will win the Cycle Challenge Prize.

Cyclist’s Pies – under construction
This exclusive prize will see our lucky  winners enjoying a special VIP experience in the beautiful Northumberland countryside riding a high performance Storck road bike. The ride will start at the Forge Arts Centre, Allendale and cover a 25 mile loop, finishing back at the Forge Café where the legendary ‘cyclist pies lunch’ will be served. Each winner will also receive a Storck Goody bag of cycle clothing and accessories.
    Alchemist Fitness personal trainers Daire and Ronan will be on hand to offer specialist advice and a sports specific exercise programme for cyclists and the muscles they need to use to cycle to success. 
    Turning lard to gold
    There will also be lots of other information about routes, cycling stuff (there’s a lot of it) and how to get started if people want to do more cycling in the New Year, whatever their fitness level.
    So far we’ve got NHS teams, council teams, University teams and teams from businesses all over the region taking part. One team call themselves the ‘FastFatFellas’ which I quite like and another team are ‘Spoke2soon.’ Maybe we should have a prize for the best team name as well.  We’ve got some Tax Inspectors from HMRC, some Postmen from the Royal Mail, some newsagents from Smith’s News and even even the Marines are joining in! A Bradley Wiggins lookalike (we couldn’t get the real thing) is also set to put in an appearance. I do hope him and his sideburns make it on the day…
    What with the our UK success in the Tour De France and the Olympics this year there has never been a better time to join in with cycling mania, whatever your ability. Whether you’re putting an elastic band round your trouser bottom or donning your gel filled cycling shorts. Be there or be square! I’ll let you know how it goes on the day…More workforce workfit cycling challenge
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