These foods will make you thin – more Slimming World fun

Eat me and you will be thin

This week it was Couple of the Year competition at Slimming world. A couple of what I wasn’t quite sure – spare tyres maybe? We’d have all been in with a chance if that was the case. No, it was couple as in a married couple. Discrimination if you ask me, especially as there was only one couple there anyway, Paul and Kate, so they were always going to win it. As he scooped up the prize of a bunch of marigolds and a bottle of wine, Paul was asked the secret of the couple’s successful weight loss journey. Paul replied
“having a wife like Kate who does all the cooking!” Thanks for that helpful tip Paul. In the slimming world book there are long lists of Superfree foods which you can eat as much as you like of and you will still get thin. I was quite excited about this list which seemed satisfying long until I read it carefully and realised that many of these things would be difficult to get hold of in Morrisons. Parrot fish? Abalone, clams, oysters and jellied eels? Ugli fruit, Tamarillos and winkles?

Eat me and you will be sick


Does anyone remember the grapefruit and banana diet or the cabbage soup diet? I amused myself making up a few new alternatives from the fabulous superfree food list. The guinea fowl and mustard diet anyone? Or perhaps the Pigeon pea and Pollock diet? That one almost sounds doable. I was also intrigued as to what the worst meal you could possibly have would be in terms of the laws of Slimming World. It goes something like this.  Pepperoni pizza with chip shop chips and a garlic baguette. To drink, Vodka Blue Wicked and/or Lucozade.

Very bad

 Your choice.
It was also buffet night last night where everyone brings in something they have made from a Slimming World recipe which is either ‘Syn’ free or very low in Syns. I have to say I was inspired. The food was absolutely delicious. Sugar free jelly with fresh berries, tortilla chips made from baked lasagne sheets. Ferrero Roche chocalikes were made from Weetabix and Nutella (weird but it works), and they were scrummy! I didn’t lose any weight this week but this Alice In Wonderland tea party feast made me determined to try harder and actually read the Slimming World book this time.

Berry nice!

Alnwick Food Festival Fun

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