Trance – a Danny Boyle antidote

I am NOT Ewan McGregor!

If you loved Shallow Grave and The Beach and Slumdog Millionaire, and  count Train Spotting of course among your favourite ever films, then you are probably a Danny Boyle fan. If, by any chance you are looking for a  cure to this addiction you might try a visit to the Cinema to see Trance this week. I understand he was sorting out the Olympic Opening Ceremony at the same time he was filming this, and I can only think that he spent too much time persuading the Queen to jump out of a helicopter and did not give enough consideration to creating any half way believable characters or plot. It starts off as a kind of heist caper where a valuable Goya painting gets stolen from an auction, and McAvoy hides it from the thieves. However he sustains a blow to the head in the kerfuffle and then forgets where he put it. The criminal gang then naturally try the most unlikely method of sending him to a sexy therapist to hypnotise him into remembering where it is. After that it all goes a bit pear shaped.

Yes there is a convoluted violent plot and the goodies turn out to be baddies etc etc but the problem is that by the end of the film, which feels a lot longer than it actually is, you don’t really care. While there are plenty of special effects, the obligatory car chase, shoot out and quite a bit of gratuitous violence which we all come to expect in a film these days – and in fact the film does improve at this point – this piece of cinema, which tries to engage on so many levels in fact succeeds at none. It’s not the actor’s fault at all and their combined talents are pretty much wasted in this piece of preposterous balderdash. James McAvoy, finally stops looking like Mr Tumnus and manages confused victim and menacing boyfriend by turns. Vincent Cassel (Ocean’s Twelve, Black Swan) is a very cool French actor indeed and does nasty psychotic criminal without effort. 
You’ve been framed

 It is clear from this film that Danny Boyle has a big thing for Rosario Dawson. She is a very beautiful and gets lots and lots of close ups. Her voice as the therapist is incredibly soothing and I do believe she could put you into a trance no bother. She also gets to take all her kit off and display her lady garden to the world. If not prepared, it may put you off your pick ‘n’ mix.

You want me to show my what?

What is not believable is that she would
a) Go out with James McAvoy
b) Let him beat her up
c) Be the criminal mastermind behind a ludicrously complicated plot to get a pretty rubbish (if valuable painting) to hang on her wall at home.

Mind you I don’t think Rosario would go out with a middle aged bloke who looks like a retired science teacher unless he was a rich famous film Director either. If only Danny had taken the film down another way – it could have been a great Carry on Thieving

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