Bridlington – East Coast adventures

Beautiful Bridlington Coastline

The East Coast of England may have had its holiday hey day but it still has the most fantastic beaches and is fighting back in a bid to regenerate itself and reclaim that fickle tourist pound.  Bridlington, which was an old Victorian Spa town is putting in some extra effort.
Motoring along through the East Yorkshire countryside, you can be easily amused by the village place names which are very Eccentric England indeed. Why not visit Flimber, Fridaythorpe or Buttercrambe? And of course one of the Best names of any English Village is in Yorkshire – Wetwang. Apparently it means ‘wet field’ and it was celebrating Scarecrow Week. This is the week when every shop and house and business displays their own slightly bonkers home made scarecrow in a scarecrow competition. As you do. En route, you can pop into the beautiful stately home of Burton Agnes, admire the gardens and get to grips with the giant topiary. Or sample home made produce in farm shops – asparagus is in abundance just at the moment – and partake of  a cuppa in the cafes which pepper the roads, so pretty in early summer.

Hedge hugger
Happy days

Bridlington Spa is a jewel in the East Coast seaside crown. Restored a few years ago, from near dereliction, the art deco dome and lights have been saved and the Edwardian Theatre and Royal Hall have been brought back to life to become a vibrant part of the local community. The Spa now plays host to a wide variety of top entertainment, including musicals, comedy and cool rock bands – the Script sold out in under two hours. There is a nice cafe and art gallery and things were gearing up for a Vintage fair for the Bank Holiday Weekend when we rolled up.   The Spa is also a conference and wedding venue with rooms which have gorgeous sea shore views and a rooftop balcony providing a panoramic vista around the coastal bay which stretches for miles and sandy miles. The restoration of the Spa is key to the revival of the town’s fortunes. From needing substantial subsidies the venue is about to start making a profit by carefully and consciously catering for what local people want to see and do. A recent New Year’s Eve do featured a pirate themed dinner and entertainment for £39. It was a sell out.

Bright breezy Brid



The ballroom then…


And now…

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing (sea metaphor again) On reaching Bridlington we decided to try out a ‘traditional’ sea side boarding house which had received glowing reviews on trip advisor, a trusted source. Or so I thought. The Edelweiss guest house was given five star rating  from a suspiciously large amount of people. Someone had even had their honeymoon there and claimed that the Edelweiss had everything you could ever want from your holiday accommodation. This cannot be what Maria from the Sound of Music was singing about. In reality, it was as truly astonishingly awful as any accommodation I have ever stayed in in my life. Apart from an enforced trip to Catbar Island in Vietnam that is, where unidentifed stains on the wall indicated the probability of a recent massacre in the bedroom. 1970’s tired tasteless decor, hideous cheap furnishings and the smell of forty thousand fag ends thinly disguised by nasty air freshener. The bedroom information featured such spelling gems as ‘leave by the emergoncy exit’ We provide clean towles’, and the priceless ‘we do not serve boiled eggs due to food piosonin.’ We didn’t actually stay there in the end, it was too much of a risk to my mental health. A salient lesson here is learned. Not everyone who writes reviews on Trip Advisor is LIKE YOU. Lifeboats and lighthouses…