Tynemouth Christmas Market

Reduced Reindeers
Glorious glazing

Tynemouth market is always fun. Held every Saturday and Sunday at the old Victorian Railway station which is still a working station, you can always find something new to spend your pocket money on. It’s been undergoing refurbishment for some while now and 2012 saw Royalty officially open the newly restored Station on 2nd July. This marked the completion of the £3.6m project.  The Historic Railway Station was given the Royal seal of approval as Princess Anne unveiled the obligatory plaque.  A Grade II listed structure, Tynemouth station was opened in 1882 by the North Eastern Railway and is now part of the Tyne and Wear metro system.  The Victorian canopies were on the English Heritage buildings at risk register but extensive work has now seen it’s distinctive glazed roof returned to its former glory.  It also has a great location just two minutes walk away from the beautiful wild Tynemouth coast.

The Sulphurous Sprout
Alfie and owner
Festive footwear

There’s always something going on at the station and of course this weekend it was all Christmas related what with it being only two sleeps to Christmas and all. The Reindeers were already half price and people were out in force with their dogs and their children and their Grandmas. The opinion dividing sprout was in evidence.. Apparently Britains’ most hated vegetable in some polls, other folk are staunch supporters and attribute the hatred of sprouts to overcooking which releases the sulphur that make them whiff a bit and taste bitter.  Dressing up your dog is a kind of American thing which is taking off here and Alfie the Shit Tzu was leading way. Of course if you can’t dress up your dog, you can always dress up your mother. And they say a turkey never votes for Christmas… 

The Travelodge Christmas Tree           

Turkey topping

It takes a lot to impress a Royal..