Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge – prepare to pedal!

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You touch our bike – you’re dead!

The 2013 Workforce Workfit Cycling Challenge is about to commence! We’ve got over fifty businesses from across the northeast turning up this weekend to compete in the Tacx Turbo time trial. Latest additions to the competition include a team from Pathology in the NHS (should have called their team Silent Witness in my view,) some Architects, some environmental types ( the Green team?) and some media sorts (The Luvvys?). The finest thighs in the North East will be in action in our two premier Malls distracting shoppers from their bargain hunting and hopefully focusing everyone’s mind on the wonderful world of cycling possibilities. One thing I have learnt about cyclists from this exercise is that some of them are very keen indeed and ask lots of technical questions about the route and lots of questions about shoes.
Also, all the teams wanted to make sure they aren’t riding against the Royal Marines team for some reason.
Riders have been advised not to wear platforms or flares which may get caught in the spokes of the bike. I don’t know how we would have managed in the seventies.

A virtual circuit around “the villagio” has been created on the Tacx virtual training software. It will begin on a flat section, before increasing in difficulty as riders approach the virtual hills. Each rider will be given 5 minutes to see how far they can cycle (measured in kilometres to the nearest 10m). After 5 minutes is up a member of the Storck cycles team will stop the system and add that riders distance onto the leader board. 
 The distance covered by each rider will be combined to give the teams overall distance, which will be added to the leader board. The team that covers the most distance over the 15 minutes will be the winner!  Simple! Our Bradley Wiggins lookalike, Fergus Hegarty (which is just as good a name) is kicking off the event with his team. He is actually a teacher trainer but he is now constantly approached because of his Wiggins-like resemblance. Only last Monday he was snapped in Kidderminster by some fans.

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