YOTELAIR Hotel – Paris CDG airport

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Yotel CDG
Happy staff at the Yotel!

Airports are stressful places, especially if you have  a long layover and can’t find anywhere comfortable to rest. The YOTEL is the answer! I stayed at the YOTELAIR hotel which is air side in Charles De Gaule airport in Paris because I had a  twelve hour layover until my next flight in the morning. This was an ideal option for me to rest before I flew to Bremen to join the Biosphere wolf conservation project in Lower Saxony. Situated in terminal 2E it has a spacious lounge, a rest area, showers and 80 rooms.

Paris Yotel
Wow! It’s the Eiffel tower!

The YOTELAIR hotel is in the airport itself! This means that you don’t have to trek off site and back again if you need to sleep over. It is also a flexible service. You can stay for the whole night or just a few hours to rest and recharge as you need to. Staying at a YOTEL is a fun experience and rooms are designed in  futuristic  style. The ‘cabins’  remind me of the private quarters on the Starship Enterprise and to have this stopover right in the airport itself, helps take the hassle factor out of travelling.

YOTEL rooms

Paris CDG Yotel
Sleep well at the YOTEL!

The ‘cabins’ are very cozy indeed and there are differing sizes including family rooms and some with disabled access. Beds are very comfortable and at a touch of a button the ‘smart beds’ stretch out to full size. There is plenty of space for your luggage and I love the easy access to all the international charging points.

There’s free Wi Fi, and cool ambient lighting which can be red, green, blue or pink at the touch of a button, depending your mood at the time!  Cabins are all en suite with clean towels and toiletries and everything is at your fingertips and easy to use.

Yotel CDG

The founder of YOTEL Simon Woodroffe says that he spent years staying in boring and expensive hotels and decided to do something about it. The idea for YOTEL was inspired by the language and luxury of first class airline travel. The prototype was created by aircraft  designers who were tasked with designing a small but luxurious ‘cabin.’  This prototype cabin was unveiled at a design exhibition in 2005 and the first YOTEL opened at Gatwick airport in 2007.


YOTEL staff

Tarek welcomes you to the YOTEL

The staff I met working at CDG YOTEL were very friendly. Tarek who was working the night shift showed me around. Staff are based at ‘Mission Control’ in keeping with the space age theme. The ‘crew’ can help with extra towels, pillows, ear plugs and even shower caps! If you’ve forgotten something you can buy items like toothpaste or razors as well.

CDG Yotel
Cabin control!

YOTEL check in

There aren’t set check in or out times, the hotel is open 24/7. You can stay in a cabin from anything from four to 24 hours. At YOTELAIR, you can actually check in and out automatically via the kiosks at Mission Control. You may not need to see anyone to check out but It is still good to have a friendly face to say hello to on arrival! YOTELAIR is the only airport hotel in the world where you can book by the hour, so you can stay overnight or just freshen up if you need to.

CDG Yotel
Mission control check out!

YOTEL global

You don’t actually need to stay in a cabin to take advantage of the YOTELAIR services. You can rest in the lounge and help yourself to complimentary water, coffee and tea if you have a priority pass. There is a range of breakfast items and snacks and ‘Food to Go’ available to buy too. You can use your priority pass at any YOTELAIR in airports around the world. Currently they are in London Manhattan, CDG, Singapore, and Amsterdam airports.

Chill out in the Yotel lounge

I loved my stay at the CDG YOTEL! It has everything you need to make your journey as comfortable as possible and I really liked the space age design concept.  The YOTEL is cheaper than a usual dull airport hotel and more convenient too. Check out the YOTEL site for prices.