The best riding resort in Mexico

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best riding resort in Mexico
Its always sunny in Mexico

The best riding resort in Mexico

Rancho Las Cascadas in undoubtedly the best riding resort in Mexico. Up in the mountains of central Mexico, about an hour and a half from Mexico City airport, it has something for everyone. Any type of rider – from the novice right through to the experienced equestrian is well catered for with horses for every level of ability.

Even if you don’t intend a single expedition on horseback, the ranch itself is a beautiful destination with plenty to offer the non rider or the ‘I don’t think I’ll ride today’ guest. A pool, spa treatments, yoga classes and fantastic food all make for a fabulous up scale stay.

best riding reosrt
A warm welcome from Jenny

Rancho Las Cascadas – the ranch of the waterfalls

This part of Mexico has about 333 days of sunshine a year. The odd rain shower you may encounter in the evening in the summertime never lasts long. It’s not even called the rainy season. It’s known as the ‘green’ season which sounds a whole lot nicer altogether.

The climate is remarkably temperate all the year round. We were there at the end of November and there were cool mornings and evenings, but it was into the mid twenties by early afternoon. The air and the atmosphere is very clear up here.

best riding resort in Mexico
Mi Casa es Su Casa..

Rancho Las Cascadas – a designer’s delight

The ranch is a beautiful stone built affair furnished with the owner Uschi’s impeccable taste. The cactus garden is a lovely feature. The grounds are dotted with the most beautiful ceramic animals, pots and other creations. The equine artwork inside the ranch, by a local Mexican artist is also striking. If you like anything you see around the place you can buy it and take it home as a memento of your stay.

riding in mexico
Horses are everywhere

The ranch has a pool and, best of all, a brand new hot tub where you can discuss your adventures of the day with the other guests. Jenny, the ranch manager was in charge of keeping us all happy. More often than not this involved bringing you a delicious frozen Margarita.

In fact, there were frequent discussions about how to make the best Margarita and who made the best Margarita. I am pretty much happy with any sort of Margarita when served to me in an outside hot tub after a long day in the saddle.

riding resort in Mexico
No overcrowding at the pool..

Delicious dining at the Rancho Las Cascadas

The food is delicious and  plentiful. The Mexican chef the ranch has in the kitchen is definitely a talent.  Uschi, the Swiss owner of the ranch, described the style of food as ‘a fusion of International and Mexican cuisine.’

Breakfast always had fresh fruit and and some sort of Mexican speciality such as the famous Huevos Rancheros. Along with the more traditional cereal, toast and home made jams. Lunch was another substantial meal of something like enchiladas, tortillas and guacamole. This was served at the outside table next to the pool. Sometimes we ate at a local restaurant when we were out riding.

best riding resort in mexico
Al fresco eating

Dinner is at 7pm and is made up of four courses. A typical meal begins with a delicious home made soup – tortilla  soup seemed to get the top vote – then something like a mango salad or a homemade ravioli in garlic sauce.

My favourite main meal was the chicken and beef fajitas with cactus and cheese. For dessert there would be something like a strawberry cream syllabub or home made tart. Wine is included in the meal.

riding in Mexio
Fajitas with cactus for dinner – yum!

Mexico from the Rancho

You can have a much needed massage delivered by staff in a room next to your Casita. There’s a lovely library-come- lounge where you can read about horses or Mexican interior design or find a good novel to read.

If you fancy venturing outside the ranch there are some fascinating trips to local towns and markets. The Pyramids of Teotihuacan and Tula are a must see. You can experience the real culture of Mexico on these day tours from the ranch. It’s all very personal and friendly.

riding resort in Mexico
Relax in the designer lounge

Guests at the Rancho

Guests mingle well and they were all interesting people when I was there.  Plans for future developments include some new accommodation built to overlook the waterfalls, a yoga room and a Temascal – a Mexican sauna.

I asked guests how they had found out about the ranch. They had been there before or found out about it through word of mouth. Some guests had read about the ranch in a specialist Western Riding Journal (Western Riding is big in Germany apparently) and one lady had won her trip through a Pinterest competition!

Ranchos Las Cascadas  is the best riding resort in Mexico. It is included in the top 50 ranches in the world at Top 50 as a luxury guest ranch providing ‘Romance, Action & adventure, Peace & quiet, Pampering, Solitude, Diverse scenery, People of all ages.’

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riding resort mexico
Cosy Casitas
best riding resort in Mexico
I’m staying home today..


riding in Mexico
Cute Cacti collection