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boutique hotel
Hotel Riberach

Boutique Hotel – Riberach

Boutique hotels are quite hard to come by in this part of France. However, just 25km from Perpignan in the sleepy village of Belesta, you will find a unique place to stay at the Riberach Hotel.
At 370 metres above sea level Belesta is wedged into the hillside overlooking the Rousillon Plain. Its dramatic scenery and vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see.
Belesta used to mark the frontier between the kingdoms of France and Aragon and it has its own medieval castle, as so many places here do.
boutique hotel
Beautiful Belesta

Boutique Hotel – Catalonia

On the hillside, facing south, the village is located in front of the majestic Mount Canigou. This is emblematic mountain of the Eastern Pyrenees and symbol of the Catalans.
As you drive the winding road into Belesta you can see the Cave-Hôtel**** du Domaine Riberach set into the steep hillside overlooking this beautiful landscape.
The hotel is the creation of architects Luc Richard and Karin Pühringer. They have converted an old winery into a chic hotel, restaurant and spa.

An important part of the building remains a winery where the Riberach wines are made by a small co operative of enthusiastic local wine makers.

Boutiue Hotel
A warm welcome awaits in a cool reception

Riberach – eco hotel

Riberach is an eco hotel and uses geothermic heat to power the hot water and to help make the wine. The hotel pool is a natural eco pool and all wine production is entirely organic.
The rocky vineyards means that all grapes are picked by hand and no pesticides are used.
Boutique Hotel
The eco pool at Riberach

Some of the rooms have been created within old wine vats and are quite sumptuous. They all have very tasteful decor and use local materials. One feature uses local pebbles as building materials, they are and quite indicative of this region.

The restaurant “La Coopérative” sits at the site of the presses of the old cooperative winery in the centre of the hotel. It has a stunning view out over the valley.

A gastronomique restaurant, it serves some interesting dishes based on local ingredients. If you’re looking for moules and frites you may be disappointed.

Boutique Hotel
Frozen, creamy Oysters!

Boutique hotel – Riberach wine

Wine tasting of the wines made by the Riberach wine co operative is a must. Sharp, dry and clean they don’t cater for the mass market taste, but are quite unique due to the lime soil and very dry micro climate.

Habits of wine drinking have changed in France. The French population are drinking a lot less quantity than they used to, but drinking a better quality of wine.

boutique hotel
Riberach wines – not to be rushed

The graphic brand for the Riberach wines is a snail – I asked, why?

Luc who designed the brand, told me it was very French and very Catalan. Apparently snail barbecues are popular here. He also said that the speed of the snail suited them and handcrafted wines take time. Good answer!
Tourism is a very big part of the French economy. So is wine – and this region is no exception. The countryside is packed full of vines. They were groaning under the weight of huge bunches of the sweetest green and black grapes you will ever taste. The famous muscat grape grows here and makes the heavy sweet wines of the area including Rivesaulte.

Boutique Hotel
Sweet Syrah grapes

Boutique Winery

This part of France has around 700,000 acres under vines and is the single biggest wine producing region in the world. The Languedoc Rousillion region is responsible for more than a third of France’s total wine production. It produces more wine than the entire US! Quantity there most certainly is, but now the winemakers are concentrating more on quality, wines made here are enjoying a resurgence in popularity across the world.
This region which grows all kinds of grape varieties, makes an especially good range of roses which (after champagne of course) are my tipple of choice.
If you are looking for a boutique hotel in this beautiful part of France, look up  Riberach and head for the hills!

Boutique Hotel
Good night!