Glamping in Italy

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Glamping in Italy?

Sweet dreams under canvas!

Glamping is also known as glamorous, or luxury camping. It is a great outdoor alternative to an ordinary hotel.  The British love camping, but it will rarely be such a glamorous option.

If you plan to stay in Venice  or the Veneto region then Glamping Canonici San Marco di Venice, is a great option. Here in the beautiful countryside of Venice,  just 20 minutes from the historic city, it has the luxury outdoor lifestyle down to perfection.

Canonici di San Marco Venice, is the only true glamping site in Italy. It celebrated its 10th anniversary last year. Spending a night in this five star under canvas experience is a delightful experience.

Some enchanted glamping

Glamping in Italy

Four spacious tents are set in the beautiful grounds. Each one of them is individually designed, and they are surrounded by lush orchards and corn fields. The tents are are pitched next to a restored medieval barchessa.  A barchessa is a rural outbuilding typical of the architecture of the Venetian villa.  It housed the working areas of the household.

The Canonici barchessa dates back to the 17th century. It has exposed brick walls and beautiful original wooden beams. The tailor’s workshop in the barchessa houses the charming breakfast room. Displayed on its walls are beautiful antique handbags.

Other quirky touches include genuine old sewing machines and an old stone sink for the cutlery. The barchessa also houses the kitchen and a wine cellar. the cellar has a fine collection of hand selected local wines. The main atrium with its high ceiling is used sometimes used as a chic venue for events.

Emanuela in her barchessa

Glamping in Italy – under canvass

The design of the site and decor of both the barchessa and the tents is down to Emanuela Padoan and her business partner Monica Muneratti. The barchessa and the land is the property of Monica’s husband, Alessandro Muneratti.

The interiors of the tents feature a mix of traditional venetian and contemporary furnishings. Much of the furniture in the tents is from Bali where there is a sister glamping site near Ubud. Each tent in Bali even has its own swimming pool! The owners have amassed an amazing collection of beautiful furniture, crockery and artwork.  This charming destination is given its quirky character by the many and varied artefacts sourced from all over the world, 

Pitch up for a shower!

Luxurious tented rooms

This is no ordinary camping village. The tents are spacious with separate bathrooms. Two of them have separate living rooms! Hot water showers and indoor plumbing are in place, and there’s even a mini bar! It is a real pleasure to be able to sleep in such comfort close to nature. The tents all have names. They are the Gelso, (Mulberry) the Bagolaro, (Hackberry) the Bamboo, and the Kaki (Persimmon) 

The designers have shown great attention to detail. The Gelso tent features a delightful blossom tree growing up through the middle of the tent, hung with chandelier lights.  A pellet stove is in the corner. Safe and efficient, it can easily heat the space on a chilly evening or early morning.


Glamping in Italy – how it started

Canonici di San Marco glamping was originally started  in via Canonici of San Marco in the grounds of Emanuela’s own house! The site moved to this new location in Mirano in 2014 next to a magnificent 17th century barn (barchessa). It is in the peaceful countryside that stretches between the venetian lagoon and the Brenta River where the Doges and ancient noble venetian families had their summer homes.

Welcome to the barchessa!

Canonici di San Marco glamping has had really good coverage in the media. The Guardian travel writer John Brunton, included Canonici San Marco in an article on the top ten glamping sites in Europe. Other reviews followed in prestigious travel publications like Conde Nast Traveller.

   Eating and drinking at Canonici di San Marco

Chic Picnic!

The food at Canonici di San Marco is an important part of the overall experience. Everything presented is of a high quality and locally sourced, including the vegetables and the wine! The welcome bottle of good Prosecco on arrival is a nice touch.

If staying here, make sure you opt for the  ‘chic picnic!’ A friendly member of staff brought us the picnic in a large wicker hamper.  It includes a hand selected wine from a small boutique vineyard, and two kinds of lasagne home made by the owner herself!

The basket has other things to eat in it too. You will find a delicious selection of preserved home grown artichokes and olives from local olive trees. Nestling in the wicker hamper you will find fresh tomatoes, meats and cheeses. Italian oranges and  fresh coffee and biscuits complete the culinary cornucopia. They finish off the evening dinner in your beautiful tented hotel.

Corn row

Glamping in Italy – the breakfast

Breakfast at the glamping site is a charming experience. Laid out in the old tailor’s sewing room is a sumptous breakfast buffet. There are enough sets of matching crockery for there to be a different one in the breakfast room every day for a whole week!

For breakfast there is creamy fresh milk, yoghurt, delicious cheeses and butter, all produced locally. Sliced ham, fresh home made pastries and breads add to the morning feast . T

Beautiful barchessa breakfast

Glamping in Northern Italy – what else to do?

Canonici di San Marco glamping is centrally located in the Veneto region. It is situated 20 minutes away from both Venice and Padua and is an ideal base for exploring further afield. The Brenta River nature park is very close and the site is also near to the Prosecco road. Along this road, many vineyards are open for wine tasting, and you can sample some of this regions most famous export as part of your trip.

Glamping in this region is a great summer option for accommodation as it gets extremely hot and humid in the city of Venice itself. Escape to the countryside, breathe the fresh air and have some space away from the tourist crowds!

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