Mallorca, Alcudia

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Bare feet on the beach

Magical Mallorca

Alcudia is a resort in the north of the popular holiday island of Mallorca. ‘If you think you know Spain think again!’ I remember that advertising slogan from a few years ago.

Spain has constantly reinvented itself in the wake of huge economic turmoil to keep tourists coming back. The country may have benefited from the misfortunes of other popular holiday destinations such as Tunisia and Egypt, but Spain is still top of the holiday pops with the UK sunseeker.

We travelled to Alcudia on this particular Balearic Island in early June and stayed in a chic boutique hotel called Alcudia Petit Hotel which is within the walls of in the old town. Our hotel was in a great location and had a superb restaurant with a charming courtyard attached.

View from the terrace

This is a very upmarket little place with minimalist rooms. Our room even has a large sun terrace. It is only about 20 minutes walk from the long white sandy beach of Alcudia bay. The bay has shallow crystal blue waters and is safe for swimming even for the little ones.

The old town of Alcudia

The old town has lots of pretty, windy streets with lovely individual shops. There is a wide range of great places to eat within a very compact area. Walk around the old town walls and get a great view over the town and out towards the Bay of Pollensa.

Visit the beautiful church of Sant Jaume or the real old bullring. I think they still do bullfights here but it’s not something I support, although I know it is part of Spain’s cultural heritage. I always want the bulls to win and they never do.

The old bull ring

Mallorcan markets

I love markets and Spain has lots of lively markets all over the island on almost every day of the week.Here is an amazing selection of fabulous fresh fruit and vegetables displayed with typical Spanish flair. There are gorgeous cheeses, cured meats and sausages.

Cheese dreams

All kinds of nuts, herbs and spices compete with Spanish nougat and other sweet treats for your attention. Apart from things to eat, there are also lots and lots of other exciting goods which will tempt you to part with your Euros.

Beautiful Mallorcan pearls aren’t cheap, but there are also lots of other gorgeous jewellery options. The leather goods are colourful and affordable and there are lots of lovely sandals and summer dresses.

Fabulous fresh fruit

Bright and colourful ceramics are a particular favourite of mine, and I did buy lots of pots and jugs and bowls.  I wrap them carefully up in clothes and transport them in my hand luggage.

My house is stuffed to the rafters with ceramics from all over the world. I think it’s a definite addiction. The market starts at 8am and runs until 1pm so you do need to get yourself out of bed or you will miss all the action!

Beautiful bowls

Mallorca best beaches

Mallorca has the best beaches in the Mediterranean. One of its beaches, S’Amarador was selected as the ‘Best Beach of Europe,’ quite recently.

Port d’Alcudia has an incredibly long stretch of perfect white sand and is shallow for such a long way out that it is really ideal for families with children or those with a fear of submersion.

Messing about on the water

Mallorca – Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor just up the coast from Alcudia, is a mountainous view point out over the Mediterranean. You can gaze out into the endless blue with the other tourists, but beware of the pick pockets.

My brother spotted a couple operating up there using the distraction technique (one occupies the target and conceals what the other one is doing with a scarf.)  We wanted to report them to the authorities, but there was no one in sight to report them to!

Love locks never go rusty

Beach life on Mallorca carries on with the usual beach front cafes and bars. All kinds of water sports are on offer. Straw umbrellas are for hire with their rather cute straw ‘quiffs’ dotted along the beach. Just off the beaches are the customary shopping, eating and drinking places – everything you could want for the perfect seaside holiday.

Quiff sand

As well as the usual eateries catering for the English abroad there are lots of delicious local alternatives. In the old town we had some fantastic authentic Spanish meals.

Gazpacho, (cold tomato soup) followed by cod with pureed potato and scallop broth was one such memorable repast. Another delicious meal is salmon with roasted vegetables and chicken and dill pasta with cream.

Of course Tapas restaurants abound and there is always the accompaniment of fresh bread with aioli (garlic mayonnaise) which is impossible to resist.

The amazing Satyircon restaurant

One excellent restaurant we tried was the Satyricon in old Alcudia town. It has an original Roman mosaic on the floor and was originally an old theatre. It has beautiful frescoes on the wall and ceiling, and classical statues adding to the ambiance.

After your meal, If you are still feeling peckish you try one of the many types of ice creams and sorbets on offer. My water melon sorbet was absolutely delicious.

Mallorca – fine wines

There is an excellent choice of wines here and it’s much cheaper to buy than in the UK. There is a local Mallorcan wine that is very acceptable and I particularly enjoyed a Tempranillo Rose called Vina Albali. Of course there is also lots of classic Spanish Cava for those who like a bit of fizz.

Nice wine

Mallorca really does have something for everyone.  Beautiful beaches, countryside, mountains, markets, history and lovely old towns. There is fine food and wine to be had here as well as something for the tighter budget. Of course there is always glorious sunshine and a fantastic coastline ideal for exploring by car or motorbike.

Mallorca’s pleasant subtropical climate is one of the reasons why the island remains so popular. It doesn’t really rain in the summer months at all and has an average of 10-11 hours of sunshine every day. The weather is fair into the autumn months here and the sea also stays warm until October.

My recent visit reminded me why Spain has been a top holiday destination for so long, hopefully I’ll be back again before too long!