Normandy in France

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Normandy in France
Dandelion dog

Normandy in France – eh bien!

Despite blustery and wet conditions, rural life in Normandy proves itself to be undeniably charming. The hedgerows are full of spring flowers, primroses, wild violets and orchids Although we did have to rush out pronto to make the most of the sunny intervals, I think Zak the German Pointer appreciated our dogged determination to engage in countryside walking activity.

Normandy in France
Beautiful Bulls
Normandy in France
The Primrose way of dalliance

The fields are full of pretty pied Normandy cattle. The ‘Normande’ is an ancient breed brought to Normandy by the Vikings in the 9th and 10th centuries. They are famed for both their meat and their milk, which forms the basis of many of the local cheese delights. The cattle all have lovely markings, a particular feature being their ‘lunettes’ or dark circles around their eyes which look like they are wearing glasses. These are especially attractive.

Normandy in France
Where’s my umbrella?

The French do like their dogs. A small terrier taking refuge from the rain in the market caught my eye.

And Epice or ‘Spice’ the little dog who belonged to the lady at Jean-Luc Morin’s Cider orchard, proved a most friendly small canine. Normandy cider is justifiably famous, and delicious.  As is Pommeau – an alcoholic drink made by mixing apple juice with apple brandy. And of course the special Calvados.

Normandy in France

Of course there are plenty of cats too – some like to guard the wine supply.

Get off my Rose

The chickens aren’t playing ball – Normandy in France

En fin we cannot leave out Maxine and Emily the funky chickens. The only slight thorn in the claw is that their comrade, Debbie, is the only hen actually laying any eggs at the moment.

So unless you get your feathers out girls, the funky chicken is in danger of being your very last dance….

Do, do, do the funky chicken..